‘Music City’ Recap: Jackson & Jessica Call It Quits & He Wastes No Time Moving On

Posted on Mar 23 2018 - 1:43pm by admin

On the March 22 episode of ‘Music City,’ Jessica comes to terms with the fact that she and Jackson are NOT on the same page — and he quickly finds someone new who is.

Although Jackson’s romance with Jessica was progressing slowly, they seemed to be taking things to the next level in last week’s episode of Music City — until he started chatting up beauty queen, Savana, at a party right in front of her. Now, Alexandra is pushing Jackson to go for Savana, her friend from the pageant world, over Jessica, who she says seems a little “off.” Rachyl isn’t letting Jackson off easy, though. She confronts him about his behavior, and warns him that he better decide what he wants when it comes to Jessica…soon.

Jackson surprises Jessica at the studio to finally discuss everything that went down. She admits that she felt disrespected by his long conversation with Savana, and even though Jackson apologizes, Jessica is hesitant because what happened at the party was a major “red flag” to her. She lets Jackson know (again) that she’s still looking for something serious, and he confesses he might not be ready. In the end, they decide not to continue a romantic relationship, leaving Jessica upset because she’s 30 and still single. Jackson wastes no time moving on, though, and meets up with Savana for drinks. At the end of their date, she even lets him kiss her — which is something Jessica did not do.

Meanwhile, Rachyl is still dealing with some problems of her own: She still hasn’t told her husband, Kerry, that her ex, J, who she hooked up with when she and Kerry were separated, is back in town. She’s hesitant because it took such a toll on their relationship in the past, but Jessica gives her some encouragement, and assures Rachyl that her marriage is strong enough to survive this. Rachyl finally gathers up the courage to tell Kerry that she responded to J’s text, but his reaction is much better than she expected. Since she didn’t actually meet up with J, Kerry is totally fine with the situation, much to Rachyl’s relief. He admits to his friend, though, that there will be problems if J doesn’t leave Rachyl alone.

Alisa and Bryant — they finally take their friendship to the next level by writing music together, and things get emotional when she opens up about her failed relationship. He pushes her to channel the emotion into the song, and Jessica and Rachyl are convinced that this friendship is about to turn into something more!

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