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Mozambique: Lam Ends Flights Between Maputo and Lisbon

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Maputo — The Covid-19 pandemic has claimed yet another economic victim with the cancellation of flights by Mozambique Airlines (LAM) between Maputo and Lisbon.

A press release from LAM announced that it would be operating no further flights between the Mozambican and Portuguese capitals as from 15 January. The airline blamed the cancellation on the pandemic.

LAM had announced its intention to resume flights to Europe in October 2019, before anyone could imagine that a virus would disrupt aviation across the globe.

The Maputo-Lisbon flights should have resumed on 31 March 2020, but the starting date had to be postponed to July 2020. LAM said its flights “were crucial for repatriating the Mozambican community who had been stranded in the Portuguese capital since the start of the pandemic”.

The initial Maputo-Lisbon operation was scheduled to last for six months, and LAM claims that “it was carried out successfully”.

LAM flew to Lisbon and back three times a week, using an Airbus A340-330, belonging to the Portuguese company Hi Fly, with which it had formed a partnership.

LAM did not reveal whether it made any profit on these flights, or whether they simply added to its debt burden.

This decision leaves the Portuguese airline TAP as the only airline offering direct flights between Maputo and Lisbon.

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