‘Love & Hip Hop NY’ Recap: Jaquae Cheats & Bri Flips A Table In St. Maarten Pt. 2

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St. Maarten Pt. 2 was insane — Punches were thrown, tables were flipped, relationships were ruined! Jaquae and Kiyanne’s relationship is on the line, and Anais is involved… Check out our recap!

Love & Hip Hop New York St Maarten Part 2 starts out with Safari and Jaquae talking about the drama that happened in during last week’s episode. Jaquae was in a tough spot because he is dating Kiyanne, his sister, Brittany Taylor‘s enemy. So, when he tried to bring them together to “meet” and hash out their differences, they went at it. The two got into a verbal fight over past Instagram beef and issues with their careers — Bri apparently accused Kiyanne of stealing her music style and so on. Then, Bri thought Kiyanne said something offensive about her mother. As their voices got louder, their tempers escalating resulting in Bri flipping the table onto Kiyanne. Mind you, it’s 12 minutes into the episode at this point. Jaquae finds himself stuck in the middle of the Bri and his girlfriend and security had to intervene. Kiyanne flipped out on Jaquae saying he’s supposed to have her back. Long story short, Kiyanne lost it and left.

Meanwhile Rich had lunch with his mother, where he told her he had a seizure while out at a restaurant due to his hyperglycemic condition. He admitted that he has completely changed his life around, but he had a lot to do still. Then, he told his mother he was hooking up with a married woman, who claimed she was getting divorced. Well, Rich’s mother scolded him for looking like a creep and put him in his place.

Then, Kiyanne showed up at Mariah Lynn‘s place to tell her all about her fight with Bri. And, Kiyanne surprisingly said she was out of control and realized what she said wasn’t right. Then Jaquae showed up and she apologized to him. And… they kissed and made up.

When everyone went out to dinner, they all discussed how Anais was nowhere to be found the night before and wasn’t in her room. Then, Jaquae finally stepped up and said that Anais was his room! He claimed they ran into each other and that she never backs down, so they went back to his place to smoke hookah. And, no one was buying it. Everyone assumed they hooked up although they both denied it. So, when Anais showed up, everyone cornered her, and slammed her for not helping with the hurricane relief. So, she stormed out and Mariah Lynn stormed in.

Instantly she jumped to the defense of Anais and then Bri began arguing with her. Mariah cleared the air with Yandy and explained that Kiyanne didn’t disrespect her mother. So, Bri backed down and squashed the beef with everyone. Phew, because another flipped table would have been the end of it.

When all the guys met up — Jaquae, Rich Safari and Snoop — Jaquae broke the news to Rich that he had Anais in his room. While he didn’t confirm it, it sounded like the Jaquae and Anais hooked up because when he broke the news to Rich, him and Rich gave him the bro-i-est hug ever and all the guys cheered that Jacque “had some fun.” And, let’s point out that Jaquae is still dating Kiyanne… Yup, that’s not going to end well.

Meanwhile, back in NYC, Remy was busy with work. Remember, she couldn’t go on the St. Maarten trip because she had doctor’s appointments for IVF, and Papoose didn’t want her to go. So, she shot the music video for a new track off her new album, 7 Winters & Six Summers. Later on she met up Mariah to discuss their collaboration. Remy didn’t want to work with Mariah anymore because she fights too much and Remy doesn’t want to take the risk of ruining her reputation now that she just signed a record deal. So, she told Mariah that they couldn’t collab anymore.

Jaquae finally plans to meet with Kiyanne and tell her he “got topped off” by Anais. It’s still unclear Meanwhile, Safaree, Snoop, and Rich are creeping behind a fountain listening to the entire thing. Kiyanne flipped out and told Jaquae he made her look stupid, and that she’d never do that to him. She told him he f–ked up and that he could fix it without her, and she walked off. He continued to chase her as the guys followed in secret. Things ended with Kiyanne hitting Jaquae in the face, multiple times; And, he empt taking it because he said she’s the only woman he wants.

HollywoodLifers, do you think Jaquae and Kiyanne will get back together?

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