Loose Talk Podcast – Episode 172 – Missing File

Posted on May 23 2019 - 1:11pm by admin

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On this episode, we have some fan mails from Kingvasion and a very peculiar Loose Talk Giant, Naira Marley chatter, the Nigerian alte scene and so forth.

Fan Mails

As usual, we have some pretty heavy fan mails. Kingvasion is back and a particular fan dropped a lengthy, creative and overtly revealing message in where he talks about sexuality, proclivities and his attractions. This fan makes ‘interesting’ seem a like an understatement to describe his situation.

Is Naira Marley a yahoo boy?

Naira Marley’s arrest has aroused polarizing reactions. Some Nigerians support the EFCC and are mainly about addressing the alleged wrong done by the singer as an independent act that it is. Other Nigerians criticize the issue, and call it a witch-hunt because the singer put a target on his own back.

They argue that Naira Marley is not Nigeria’s problem and that the EFCC should go arrest politicians. The gang break it down.

Mandy and The Jungle

A few days before the episode of the podcast was recorded and the gang discussed their takes on the album. This then morphed into a conversation about the Nigerian alte scene. 

Other topics also get a look-in.

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