Local elections 2019 vote LIVE: UK heads to the polls in CRITICAL vote for May and Corbyn

Posted on May 2 2019 - 7:09pm by admin

Prime Minister Theresa May and her Government are facing huge challenges at both local and central levels amidst the ongoing political turmoil surrounding Brexit. Meanwhile, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn remains under immense pressure around the party’s stance on Brexit as well as the ongoing anti-Semitism row within the party and beyond. Both will be watching the results closely, which will start coming in on Friday morning.

‧ Voting is taking place to elect more than 8,000 councillors in 248 English councils

‧ Northern Ireland will elect 462 councillors in 11 councils

‧ You can check if voting is happening in your area HERE

‧ Results for about 108 English councils are expected to be declared before 6am on Friday

‧ The remaining 140 are scheduled to come in throughout Friday, mostly between midday and 6pm BST

‧ The Northern Irish ones will take longer to come through because they have a different voting system

Follow below for live updates. All times BST.

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