Lil Frosh denies assaulting girlfriend again, says swollen face was as a result of an allergy

Posted on Nov 10 2020 - 6:56am by admin

The rapper made this known while answering questions about the assault on his girlfriend on the podcast, ionwannatalkpodcast.

According to him, Camille’s swollen face was caused by an allergy.

“I didn’t do it! I didn’t do it! She’s my girlfriend. She called me that she noticed that she was having a boil at the back of her ear. She said maybe it is an allergic reaction. She called me days later and said that thing is getting worse and I said what? She said the boil…she was sending me the photos day by day…it happened for seven days,” he said.

It would be recalled that the rapper was called out by his girlfriend’s manager and brother about a month ago for assaulting his sister.

According to him, the rapper is alleged to have a thing for coming back to beg Camille after beating her.

Gift Camilla says Lil Frosh assaulted her [Instagram/LnilFrosh] [KemiFilani]
Gift Camilla says Lil Frosh assaulted her [Instagram/LnilFrosh] [KemiFilani]

Michael went on to share photos of the badly bruised face of Camille after she was allegedly beaten to a pulp by the rapper.

Following the allegation levelled against him, his now-former record label, DMW, terminated his contract.

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