Labour could ‘ABSTAIN’ from fourth Brexit vote – Theresa May handed LIFELINE?

Posted on May 16 2019 - 10:22am by admin

Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn has appeared to thrown Mrs May a Brexit lifeline, as if a large number of his party was to abstain, it would be enough to clear the deal of its first hurdle at next month’s ballot. A Labour spokesman was asked six times by a variety of media outlets including The Sun, Guardian and the Daily Mail today, and refused to rule it out on the second reading of the EU withdrawal agreement bill. The spokesman said: “We’ve made pretty clear we won’t support it.”

The same spokesman also said “a number of different entrenchment mechanisms” have been “explored extensively” in cross-party talks with regard to the Government stepping in to stop Mrs May’s successor tearing up Tory-Labour negotiations should she quit before securing her deal in Parliament, the Mirror reports.

The spokesman also added the party “won’t support” Mrs May’s deal without concessions.

It was just yesterday announced that Mrs May would try for a fourth time to get MPs to agree on her deal, which ties Britain to the EU customs union and single market and fails to provide assurances one the Irish backstop.

The DUP today rejected it regardless of the scheduled ballot.

DUP Westminster chief Sammy Wilson told the BBC: “We have always made it quite clear that the agreement we had with the government was to deliver Brexit as had been outlined by the Prime Minister and to deliver Brexit as it would apply to the whole of the UK.

“The government has not been able to produce a Brexit deal which either delivers on its promises to its own people, in its own manifesto and has not delivered on the promises that it made to us either – that Northern Ireland would not be separated out from the rest of the UK.”

“So, therefore, we have no qualms about not supporting the bill or the agreement because the government has actually broken its arrangement with us.

“And not only us, but its own electorate.

“That’s why the government suffered such a defeat in the local government election.

“So you can hardly complain about us not supporting something that their own party voters and councillors have opposed.”

Mrs May’s Brexit deal will be “dead” if MPs reject if a fourth time, ministers have admitted.

Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay acknowledged it would be the end of the road for the deal thrashed out with the European Union if the Withdrawal Agreement Bill (WAB) is defeated when it is brought to the Commons in June.

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