Kim Kardashian makes $10m in 4 days off her new fragrance

Posted on Feb 7 2018 - 11:06am by admin

Kim has been parading around social media for the last few weeks gifting the world with seductive nude photos and provocative g-string shots. Whenever the starlet starts garnering attention using her out-of-this-world naked body on her Instagram page, best believe she’s about to start promoting something. Last time Kim went on a nude picture run that shook the internet this hard, she dropped her Kimoji emojis.  Now, Kim is pushing her new fragrance line. Or at least she was since

According to a report by TMZ, Kim Kardashian West’s latest perfume line sold out its 300,000 bottle inventory on Sunday.

The new fragrance line has three scents, Bae, Ride or Die, and BFF. Kim promoted her latest perfume through social media only, setting up a slick Valentines Day post about the scents. Kim boldly wrote names on sticky-notes and separated them into three columns.

Each column had a different color of sticky notes, either blue, purple, and pink. Her perfume is also sorted into boxes of the same colors, Ride or Die in purple, Bae in blue, and BFF in pink. Kim sent the color-coded corresponding sticky note names the perfume they matched with. She even made one group, the blue group, a list of all her haters.

Celebrities that have beefed with the Kardashian, including Sharon Osbourne, Taylor Swift, Pink, Wendy Williams, Naya Rivera, Piers Morgan, Blac Chyna, and Chelsea Handler will be gifted with the Bae scent this Valentines Day.

The sold-out inventory of 300,000 bottles amounts to about ten million dollars in cash.

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