Kevin Hart’s Attempt To Recruit LeBron For 76ers Hilariously Backfires: He Told Me To ‘Kiss His A**’

Posted on Mar 24 2018 - 12:37am by admin

So, is this part of ‘the process?’ Kevin Hart did his best to try and talk his friend, LeBron James, in joining the Philadelphia 76ers, but all Kevin got was a rude response!

With LeBron James, 33, entering the final year of his three-year, $ 100 million deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers (which he can opt out of), everyone is trying to recruit the NBA champion. Enter Kevin Hart, 38, a die-hard Philadelphia 76ers fan and friend of LeBron. “I’ve already tried,” he told TMZ Sports when asked if he tried to talk LeBron into moving to Philly. “I sent him $ 40. He didn’t accept it. … I tried it already. I really did send him forty dollars and I said, ‘Come to Philly.’” And what did LeBron say?

“He said ‘kiss his ass,’ “ Kevin said, before laughing off his friend’s response. In all seriousness, Kevin pointed out that LeBron is “a guy who has the world at his hands. You know, if he were to go somewhere else – whoever gets that opportunity, it’s amazing. I think what he’s doing for the city of Cleveland is unreal. That economy shoots to the sky because of him. I don’t see him leaving. Other people think he will. I don’t see him going nowhere.”

Kevin’s not the first Sixers fan that has tried to get LeBron to move east. Power Home Remodeling, a Philadelphia-based company, put up three billboards in Feb. 2018, trying to draw LeBron to the City of Brotherly Love. “Complete the Process,” one read. From there, the Great LeBron Billboard War began, with Los Angeles Lakers fans and Cavs supporters all throwing down money to put up giant ads, begging LeBron to leave (or stay in) Cleveland.

If LeBron does decide to move to Philly, can Kevin promise to be on his best behavior? The Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle star kind of lost it when his Philadelphia Eagles finally brought the NFL championship home. A visibly intoxicated Kevin got into an argument with security when he got too close to the Lombardi trophy. “To all the kids out there, I just want to say don’t drink,” he said on Instagram afterwards. “You know, when alcohol is in your system, you do dumb stuff. Me trying to go on stage with the trophy definitely in the top two stupidest things I’ve ever done, but who cares, the Eagles won the Super Bowl.”

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