Katie Price plans her big revenge on Kieran Hayler

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The star’s set to serve up a storm, and he has no idea what’s coming…

Katie Price and Kieran Hayler take a selfie, 9 May 2017

Since Katie Price exposed husband Kieran Hayler’s latest affair – this time with their former nanny Nikki Brown, who denies it – she’s kept tight-lipped over the status of their marriage. As Now reported five months ago, Katie, 39, forgave her husband once again, but someone should warn him revenge is a dish best served cold…

Our source tells us, ‘Kate might have forgiven, but she never forgets. She’s got something huge up her sleeve and Kieran is not going to like it. At the moment Kieran’s looking after the kids and all their animals, allowing Kate to continue working, but she’s starting to warm to the idea of downsizing – meaning Kieran will really need to earn his place in her life.’

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At the moment Katie is filming non-stop for the second series of her Quest Red reality show My Crazy Life and – unlike before – she hasn’t involved Kieran much. Away from the cameras, the mum-of-five flirted up a storm on social media last week, showing off her scantily clad figure to all her 1.7million Instagram followers, just weeks after we revealed her £250k body overhaul plans. Meanwhile Kieran was nowhere to be seen, aside from uploading snaps of three-year-old daughter Bunny – and we’re told being out of the spotlight is unnerving him.

‘This time, it’s very much about her, the kids and her mum Amy, who was recently diagnosed with terminal illness idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis [a lung condition with no known cure],’ says our insider. ‘Kate’s been throwing herself into work, while Kieran’s left at home wondering what the hell is going on. She’s being deliberately evasive and that’s her way of serving him some of his own medicine.’

Now understands Katie is weighing up her options, and almost longs for the days when she lived a simpler life. ‘Kate’s happier days were when she was single and living in a two-up, two-down,’ adds our source. ‘Despite what people think, it’s not all about money and fame for Kate. She wants to get her life back on track and is looking at the best ways of doing this.’

An estate agent board is likely to be the only sign Kieran’s going to get of what’s to come…

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