Katie Piper exclusively reveals the unique quality midwives discovered her baby had whilst pregnant: 'It’s very rare'

Posted on Dec 19 2017 - 6:54pm by admin

Katie Piper opened up about her campaign with PampersKatie Piper opened up about her campaign with Pampers [PH]

The mum of two opened up about her new addition just days before giving birth, discussing her #ThankyouMidwife campaign for Pampers in an exclusive chat with OK! Online.

And Katie Piper has recalled a touching memory that she shared with one of the midwives as they took part in a photoshoot for Pampers.

As the midwife examined Katie’s baby bump, they noticed a rare quality that her unborn child had and it is something the model now cherishes.

Katie Piper opened up about her campaign with PampersKatie Piper revealed the midwife dubbed her baby ‘a stargazer’[PH]

Explaining the sweet moment, Katie told us: “We did a photoshoot and she was checking my baby for me and she said my baby is what they call ‘a stargazer’, where it’s lying on its back and its eyes are looking up at the sky. 

“That’s the position it is in my tummy. Apparently its quite rare, they’re not all like that.”

Asked if her second pregnancy has been harder than her first, Katie said this time around it was more tiring.

Katie Piper shared the first picture of her new daughterKatie Piper shared the first picture of her new daughter [Katie Piper/Instagram]

“Harder. Having a toddler here to look after is tiring,” the 34 year old explained.

“The first pregnancy I took naps in the day and I could chill out, but I can’t do that with Belle running around.”

And Katie also revealed how excited her little girl is to get a baby sibling.

Nordoff Robbins Boxing Dinner - ArrivalsKatie Piper and her husband are now parents to two girls[Wenn]

She continued: “She understood it, she’s a bit overexcited thinking a baby is coming home that’s going to walk, talk and play barbies with her. But she’s so excited.”

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Katie welcomed her second baby – another daughter – last week, revealing the news on Instagram.

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