John Cena Gets Drenched In Slime At 2018 Kids’ Choice Awards — Watch

Posted on Mar 25 2018 - 8:15pm by admin

John Cena was hilariously blasted with slime while hosting the 2018 Kids’ Choice Awards on March 24, and we can’t stop laughing because of it!

John Cena, 40, willingly agreed to host the 2018 Kids’ Choice Awards on March 24, so he should have had a good feeling that he’d get slimed before the show came to a close, and that he did! In the closing moments of the awards show, John got slimed from someone in the audience. However, he wasn’t that impressed by the amount of slime that was thrown at him. In fact, he asked, “Is that all you got? I’m a big guy.” And just as those words finished coming out of his luscious lips, he was drenched with slime from literally ever angle of the stage. It was the most extreme sliming we’ve ever seen at a Kids’ Choice Awards show. See the pic above and watch the videos below!

We have to give John some props — he did an amazing job hosting the Kids’ Choice Awards, just as he did last year. He’s such a great guy and really appeals to the younger crowd that watches this show year in and year out. He made jokes, he interacted with the audience, and he was great eye candy for us at home! Most importantly, though, he revealed who his favorite members of BTS are! When he was asked who his favorite was, John said, “I-Hope is so humble and cheerful. Rap Monster is extremely adorakable. If you guys are watching, love you guys!” Aww. Of course, fans then went wild on Twitter. And rightfully, so.

See John after his epic sliming moment and him talking about BTS in the videos below.

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