Jeremy Corbyn has an ‘OPEN GOAL’ in 2019 and could be PM within months

Posted on Dec 26 2018 - 11:58pm by admin

Ladbrokes have given the Labour leader a 5/1 likelihood of being the next Prime Minister while Coral puts him at 3/1. However Daniel Pryor of the Adam Smith Institute think tank said the Labour Party will face challenges in 2019 as the party is stuck between the demands for a second referendum and satisfying the Labour’s Brexiteers, known as ‘Lexiteers’. He said the Labour Party “lacks a coherent Brexit strategy to drive home the advantage of the Tories fragile position”. Coral said there is a 6/4 chance of another General Election last year.

Coral’s Harry Aitkenhead said 2019 will be another chaotic year in UK politics.

Mr Aitkenhead said: “We make it 5-4 for another Brexit referendum and 6-4 for a General Election and both are definite possibilities now, whereas back twelve months ago they were both seen as unlikely.

“Theresa May is odds on to be replaced as the Conservative leader, whilst it is 2-1 for Jeremy Corbyn to be ousted as Labour leader with the head of the opposition definitely safer than his counterpart this Christmas.”

Mr Pryor also said: “If the Prime Minister succeeds in her “my deal or No Deal” strategy, a 2019 General Election is very unlikely.

“But if she fails, all bets are off. 2019 is an opportunity for Britain to starting shaping its future as an open, free-trading, liberal nation and make a success of Brexit. But we risk severe economic damage from a No Deal scenario or decades of political strife from a second referendum. Uncertainty is still the name of the game.”

Chairman of the conservative think thank, the Bow Group, Ben Harris-Quinney, said: “It is an open goal for the Labour Party, it could be a very good year for Corbyn. There are deep divides in the Tory Party and it could even fall apart.”

He said the Labour Party is likely to want the government to fall than to agree with a soft Brexit.

“If May passes the Brexit deal with just Labour support, they could pull the rug at any point and they could force a General Election.”

“I believe the next Prime Minister is likely to come from the Conservatives but in the next decade, it is likely there will be a Corbyn-coloured government.

“They have built a powerful movement with staggering numbers compared to the Conservatives.”

An Opinium poll of 2,016 adults conducted online on December 13 and 14 revealed only 25 per cent of voters think Mr Corbyn is decisive.

He also got his lowest score for being trustworthy and sticking to his principles.

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