Italian election winners are 'crackpot populists' with 'dangerous views' warns Tory MP

Posted on Mar 7 2018 - 7:10pm by admin

Michael Fabricant hit out at the “questionable views” of anti-EU Five Star Movement and Lega Nord and warned Leavers to be careful before throwing their support behind the Italian parties.

The Lichfield MP said too many Brexiteers are willing to get behind populist parties across Europe simply because they are anti-EU.

He said: “When Leavers ally with this toxic coalition of populists, radical left-wingers and right-wing authoritarians, we’re not just betraying our principles.

“We also play straight into the hands of the most ardent EU federalists, who hysterically claim that Brexit was a vote to drag Britain back into the past.

“We shouldn’t just ignore these illiberal crackpots in the hope that they’ll go away.

“Instead, we must stand up proudly for the progressive, tolerant Brexit that we believe in.”

Mr Fabricant said it would be a “tragedy” if Italy’s break from the EU was spearheaded by “the forces of illiberal populism”.

He said these parties do have legitimate points about the EU’s failing- such as its refugee policy – but they hold “unpalatable” views that drown out their reasonable concerns.

Mr Fabricant also added that backing these “extremist parties” wouldn’t necessarily bolster the anti-EU cause, it may have the opposite effect and use voters back “into the arms of the federalists”.

He says the UK is the only country in Europe where the case to leave wasn’t dominated by “illiberal populists” and this won’t change as long as we avoid getting cosy with politicians such as Marine Le Pen.

Writing in the Telegraph, he pointed to Five Star’s anti establishment and incoherent policies and anti-vaccination stance and branded Lega Nord “even more unsavoury”.

He said: “Their leader, Matteo Salvini, is a former communist who stands on an immigration platform which goes far beyond sensible border control and veers into xenophobic territory.

“Among other things, he has called for a “mass cleaning” of Italy’s illegal immigrant population.”

Over 50 percent of the Italian electorate voted for eurosceptic parties with the Five Star Movement, Lega Nord and Fratelli d’Italia all campaigning on anti-EU tickets.

While their positions are varied, all have severely criticised the impact of the euro on Italy’s economy.

Speaking on his LBC show, MEP Nigel Farage said: “This is a massive, massive anti-establishment vote it is a big shift towards euroscepticism.”

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