Iretiola Doyle says actors should know that film royalties are forever

Posted on May 1 2019 - 3:05am by admin

The 52-years-old ‘Tinsel’ star said talent needs to bear in mind that there is more to just acting a scene when at the negotiation table.

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Let us bear in mind that the negotiation is not just for time and talent during the actual shoot, but more importantly, the rights to use one’s name, image and likeness (any which way Sir/Madam Producer decides) AND the right to assign same rights to any third party of their choosing ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, AD- INFINITUM,” she wrote.

On a personal ground, Iretiola read the riot act to producers saying, “Let us be all guided please, and miss me with that “it’s only 2 scenes half-day shoot” bovine manure of an argument. My boobs may be small, but they’ve been there for 52 years. Enough.”

Iretiola Doyle says producers tend to ignore or downplay important details at the negotiation table with talents. [Instagram/iretioladoyle]

In a brief chat with Pulse in 2018, Doyle says she can be razz or elegant for a movie. “I run the gamut, I can play hard, I can play soft, I can play corny, I can be serious, I can be elegant and I can be razz, I am an actor,” she said.

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I am an actor, a gun for hire, I re-enact the scripts that have been given to me,” the ‘Fifty’ star enthused. 

The actress further gave examples of the different roles she has played in various movies and sitcoms that include ‘Fuji House of Commotion,’ ‘Torn’ and ‘Wedding Party 1 & 2.’

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