“Inspector K”: A distracting recruit joins Inspector K's team in episode 2 [Watch]

Posted on Mar 29 2018 - 3:44am by admin

Suss Productions and RED TV have released the second episode of the n the web series, “Inspector K.”

A crime comedy, the series follows a wacky inspector, who through unconventional ways solves crimes in the city of Lagos.

Watch episode 2 season 2 of web series Inspector Kplay

Watch episode 2 season 2 of web series Inspector K


After the heist and the major drug burst in the first episode, inspector K is put on the case.

In collaboration with his team and a new, very distracting recruit; a discovery that both cases might be linked has come to light and the magnitude of the case has attracted help from the abroad.

In the first episode, a group of robbers broke into Imperial Fund, the ‘second most popular place’ where affluent Nigerians store their wealth.

In the first season, Inspector K, who had put his division on the map through the immense success he has in solving unsolvable cases, was tasked with solving a murder case.

He was supported by two clueless but surprisingly intelligent Police officers.

The second season returns with Koye “K” 10 as the titular character. It also features Folu Storms, Babatunde Oyinbo, Demi Banwo and Ani Iyoho.

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