'I'm FED UP! Brexit isn't rocket science' – Furious QT audience member ROASTS Theresa May

Posted on Feb 2 2018 - 6:33pm by admin

His criticism of the Prime Minister’s leadership comes as pressure mounts on her position following criticism from Brexit supporting MPs, angry with the way she has handled divorce proceedings.

His frustrated comments were made after Justine Greening defended her support for a soft Brexit.

In a stinging attack, he said: “You’re characterising Brexiteers as extreme.

“Brexit is Brexit, it’s not difficult to understand. It’s Brexit.

“I’m fed up of hearing this from politicians; don’t talk about those ‘ardent Brexiteers’, we just want Brexit.

“It means getting out of the single market, covering ourselves, controlling our borders.

“This is not rocket science, it’s called Brexit.”

His angry rant was met with applause from other members of the audience who shared his concerns with the Government’s negotiating strategy.

The UK divorce deal unveiled in December highlighted that the UK will pay out between £35billion and £39billion to the EU as the price for leaving the bureaucratic trade bloc.

It also proposed the European Court of Justice will continue to have a role overseeing the rights of EU citizens in the UK for eight years after Brexit.

Backbench MPs including Jacob Rees-Mogg have so far been critical of the process of leaving the EU, arguing that the Government under Theresa May has so far failed to promote the positives of Brexit.

Continuing to express his frustration with the Prime Minister on Question Time, the audience member declared the need for Theresa May to be removed from office.

He said: “This is not the time to get behind the lame duck who does not believe in Brexit.

“We need to get rid of her now, get someone in that believes for it and fight for this country.”

Remoaner Justine Greening attempted to defend the Conservative front-bench’s position on leaving the EU by arguing it was important to make a Brexit that fits the demands of young people.

In the referendum younger voters were more likely to vote to remain in the EU.

She said: “If we want a Brexit that is going to stick for the one term, it has to be a Brexit that works for the broad population and it absolutely has to work for young people growing up in our country.

“It’s going to be about their ability to feel a part of a broader Europe that frankly, we will remain part of purely because of geography as much as anything else.

“They want it handled sensibly and pragmatically and not ideologically.”

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