I want to be that s.e.x symbol in people’s bedrooms – Maheeda

Posted on Dec 28 2014 - 11:58am by admin

Caroline Sam known as Maheeda in the entertainment business may be the bad girl most fogeys wouldn’t need within a yard of their wards, however the former prostitute grew to become musician has an ace up her sleeve.

In a riveting interview with Potpourri in the yr, the beautiful mom of 1 gave the explanation why she is the use of sex and nudity to promote her tune, first gospel, prior to really going secular.

in keeping with her, she is treading the trail most Nigerian entertainers wouldn’t dare because of their inhibitions.

“I had this vision of what’s taking place presently. Like I’m very bad, like I’m the baddest lady in Nigeria which isn’t authentic. So, my vision is if truth be told to look my posters in individuals’s bedrooms and stuff like that. I need to be that intercourse image you can actually fantasize about” she boasted.

Giving her reason for trying her n.u.d.e and s.e.x posters to adorn people’s bed room, the Lasgidi Chick and Naija bad girl crooner defined it is a form of model she is making an attempt to build.

“as a result of it really works out of the country, it will possibly work here too. I had my challenges. they are nonetheless there but there’s no stopping me as a result of i do know that for anything new it’s important to battle for it. i am leveraging on being a s.e.x symbol as a result of s.ex. sells. I wish to generate income and also, I wish to make my title. It’s the only area within the Nigerian music industry that is just there, each person is scared to tread on this sort of path, so I’m daring it” she stated.

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