'I don't believe a word you're saying!’ FURIOUS QT audience member SLAMS cocky Remoaner

Posted on Feb 9 2018 - 6:54am by admin

Terry Christian was told to “shut up” and “stop being rude” as he constantly shouted down and spoke over people when the topic turned onto Brexit.

A young audience member explained people wanted to leave the European Union to get back control of decision making in the country and to strike their own trade deals.

But Mr Christian blasted this as a “lie” which sparked fury from another audience member.

He said, vociferously: “I cannot believe a word you’re saying.”

Yet still, Mr Christian tried to talk over him, saying: “I’m telling you it’s a lie, we can trade with who we want.”

The audience member took no notice and carried on making his point, fulminating: “If we’ve got a majority, 52 to 48, and we all agree that it’s going to happen, and we all agree we’re going to leave the EU, and leave the Customs Union; then forget hard, forget soft.

“We’re the fifth largest trading nation in the world, are you telling me Europe doesn’t want to trade with us? Get out of it.

“We need to be resolute and stand together.”

To which the audience erupted into rapturous applause.

Mr Christian still continued to push his pro-EU agenda, but presenter David Dimbleby told him the programme needed to move on to another question.

But Mr Christian continued: “It’s a basic question for me, how do you become wealthier by leaving the richest trading bloc in the world?”

To which the Conservative MP Claire Perry said: “Shush Terry! Have a biscuit or something.

“Calm down dear.”

The exchange comes after a Government report said that Britain would lose out, whatever deal is struck with the EU27.

According to the civil service prepared paper growth would be down five per cent over the next 15years if it left with a trade agreement.

Jacob Rees-Mogg hit out at aspects of the establishment for failing to be enthusiastic about life after the EU.

In an unusual rebuttal to the civil service’s Brexit growth findings, Mr Rees-Mogg accused the impartial Government workers of having a pro-EU bias.

He called the growth forecasts “a humiliation” and “clearly politically influenced”.

He said: “The Office for Budget Responsibility was set up by George Osborne because Treasury forecasts had been politicised and it was thought they were unreliable on political grounds.

“With the referendum with the EU, the Treasury has gone back to making forecasts. It was politically advantageous for them. So yes, I do think they are fiddling the figures.”

He has also previously accused some members of the cabinet of not being fully committed to the Brexit process.

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