Hyundai’s Argues Bad Refs Can Save The Day In Its Adorable Super Bowl Ad

Posted on Feb 3 2018 - 1:09pm by admin

While most NFL fans will go crazy if a ref makes a bad call during the Super Bowl, Hyundai says that sometimes, a bad call can be a good thing. The company also promises a ‘surprise’ during the big game.

Now, Hyundai’s commercial for the 2018 Super Bowl is either the most adorable thing ever, or evidence as to why every game – even children’s soccer – needs instant replay. In the spot, airing Feb 4 during the big game between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles, a bunch of parents are frustrated that their children’s soccer match is taking place on Super Bowl Sunday. In comes the ref, driving a Hyundai Kona, to save the day! After the whistle blows, the ref starts handing out red cards (which are automatic ejections, for those who don’t watch soccer) left and right!

“Too Cute!” “Trying too hard.” “Red card: Twin!” Yes, being a twin will get you kicked out of a soccer game. Actually, most of the offenses are entirely too cute — the kid who can’t tie her shoes is going to be the breakout star of the Super Bowl. Now, at first, the parents seem a bit frustrated, but when they realize what happening, they’re totally on board. As the theme from Rocky begins to play, the ref knocks out (metaphorically) all the other kids. The game ultimately gets called off when there aren’t enough players on the field. Instead of being upset, everyone is happy! They’re free! It’s now off to the sports bar to watch the Super Bowl!

For millions watching the Super Bowl, they might see something that will surprise them. The car company shot its commercial during the 2017 Super Bowl and aired it after the game. They also ran “Operation: Better,” according to AdAge, which overseas troops watched the Super Bowl in 360-degree immersive pods where they were virtually reunited with their families. It was one of the more heartwarming moments of the night, and it seems like Hyundai is looking to top itself in 2018.

Ahead of the game, Hyundai dropped a teaser. “Last Super bowl we surprised three heroes. This year, we’ll surprise millions,” the video said. “And you might be one of them.” Whatever does that mean? Are they going to do another great thing for veterans? Are they going to give away cars? Seems we will have to tune in to watch.

What do you think Hyundai will do during Super Bowl 52, HollywoodLifers?

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