“How Can You Be With A Boyfriend Who Uses An iPhone X And You Use An iPhone 6”- Nigerian Lady

Posted on Feb 20 2018 - 5:11am by admin

A Nigerian lady identified as Bad B*tch on Twitter, is causing frenzy on the platform after she shared a quite controversial tweet.

The lady asks why some ladies who are users of popular mobile gadget, iPhone 6, still stick with their boyfriends who use the newly announced iPhone X.

She then asks why and how such ladies cope with their stingy boyfriends.

According to her, if their boyfriends truly love them, they’d upgrade their phones for them.

She wrote;

“I wonder how your boyfriend will be using iPhone X and you the girlfriend will still be using iPhone 6? Why can’t he upgrade your phone for you? and he claims he loves you? I honestly don’t know how some of you girls put up with stingy guys. God forbid”

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