High blood pressure – drink this 69p juice everyday to SLASH your risk of hypertension

Posted on Mar 16 2018 - 10:55pm by admin

High blood pressure, or hypertension, symptoms can be difficulty to spot, but more than 25 per cent of UK adults have the condition, according to the NHS.

Having high blood pressure puts extra strain on blood vessels and vital organs in the body.

It increases the risk of several life-threatening complications, including heart disease, heart attacks and heart failure.

Drinking cranberry juice everyday could help to lower your risk of hypertension.

“There is no denying that both cranberries and cranberry juice have powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties,” said medical website Vive Health.

“Those properties go a long way toward preventing and reducing inner blood vessel damage, and ultimately lowering blood pressure.

“Cranberry juice has been reported to reduce blood pressure by dilating blood vessels and increasing blood flow.

“Of course, with its abundance of vitamin C, cranberries have a super friend in the fight to lower blood pressure.”

Making small dietary changes could also help to lower your high blood pressure risk.

Cutting back on the amount of salt you eat could prevent hypertension, said the NHS.

Not eating enough fruit and vegetables could increase the chances of you developing high blood pressure.

The NHS also advised not drinking too much alcohol or caffeine.

The only way to find out if you have high blood pressure is to have your blood pressure checked.

All adults over 40 years old should get their blood pressure checked at least every five years.

Regular exercise could help to lower your blood pressure, the NHS said.

You can get your blood pressure checked at your GP surgery and some pharmacies.

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