Here are 5 talking points from Season 8, Episode 4 of ‘Game of Thrones: The Last of Starks’

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It is without a doubt that The battle of Winterfell ended with casualties amidst victory. And the last of the Starks have reunited for a greater cause.

The episode has some of the interesting moments in the build-up to the seeming end of the Queen of Seven Kingdoms, Cersei.

There are many things to pick from this epic show. We have, however, broken the lengthy to 5 major talking points.  

The Feast after Winterfell battle

Episode four kicked off with tributes to the fallen heroes at the Battle of Winterfell. Jon Snow did the honours of giving the moving tribute before the fallen heroes were torched. The leadership led by Daenerys threw a feast for the army to merry. The heroes gathered around Winterfell’s hall, drinking and eating and toasting one another’s bravery and good looks after the battle against the Night King is done.

Brienne of Tarn got involved with Jaime after the feast. [HBO]

Daenerys lures Jon Snow further but Sansa, Arya refuses to trust 

Daenerys has continued in her quest to win more armies and loyalty of Jon Snow’s army to her side. She lures him with lofty gestures hoping his feelings for her can be used to get all she wants. However, Sansa and Arya refused to trust Daenerys. The last of the Starks family maintains that Daenerys can’t be trusted. However, they were shocked when Jon revealed to them that he’s actually Aegon Targaryen. The sisters were made to swear never to reveal the secret but somehow, Tyrion got wind of the secret. 

The Stark sisters were uncomfortable with Daenerys decision to hand over Storm’s End to Gendry, and giving him his lordship as the son of Robert Baratheon. A happy Storm had proposed to Arya but she shoots him down. 

Alex Van Mecl/HBO

Tyrion and Varys worry over Daenerys’ powers. [HBO]

Tyrion and Varys worry over Daenerys’ powers

Tyrion and Varys are worried over Daenerys’ powers and quest for more power. Varys watches with concern and this he shared with Tyrion. He explained that he watches her with the same concern he felt watching her change from a generous leader to something else. Varys tells Tyrion about his fears. A clever Tyrion responded saying that’s their job, as advisers of a monarch, but he knows what Varys means. They haven’t forgotten her father, Aerys, the Mad King.

Rhaegal is gone and no more

Strongest of Daenerys’ two dragons, Rhaegal has been killed. Rhaegal was killed by Euron. The creature was killed after Euron personally fired several ballistae as Daenerys rode on Drogon. Rhaegal was hit and after many more strikes, it fell down inside the ocean leaving the army open for attack. An angry Daenerys tried launching an attack while she rode on Drogon but she rescinded on her decision to save her last dragon.

Missandei , Tyrion and Jon Snow [HBO]

Missandei is beheaded on the orders of Cersei

Rhaegal’s death wasn’t the only one recorded in episode 4. Daenerys’ right-hand person, Missandei also lost her life. After Euron and his men attacked the army led by Daenerys, Missandei was captured and held hostage. Cersei had insisted Daenerys retreat and rescind on her decision to fight for the iron throne. This further reinforces Daenerys decision to lead the Winterfell army to fight for the iron throne. When Cersei gave Missandei the opportunity for her last word, she clearly stated Dracarys?

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