Happy Meal: Everything To Know About Healthier Options Coming To McDonald’s Kids Menu

Posted on Feb 16 2018 - 9:44am by admin

McDonald’s is on a mission to make Happy Meals more nutritious! Here are all the changes the fast food company is making to provide kids with a healthier menu.

Fast food isn’t known for being healthy, but McDonald’s is hoping to give children a more nutritious meal than what they currently offer. The company announced on Feb. 15 that at least half of the Happy Meals listed on menus worldwide will have a max of 600 calories by the end of 2022. Only 10% of calories will be able to come from saturated fat, while 10% will be allowed from added sugar. Sodium will also be capped at 650 mg. By June, 100% of Happy Meals in the U.S. are expected to meet the calorie, saturated fat, and added sugar targets, while 78% will hit the sodium goal.

Some of the ways the fast food giant aims to do this is by eliminating cheeseburgers from its Happy Meal menu. The hamburger will still be available, and customers can request a cheeseburger if they want it. The six-piece McNuggets meal will also come with a smaller order of fries to cut down on sodium. Drinks will also be affected — there will be a reduction in the amount of added sugar in chocolate milk, and bottled water will now be featured as a beverage choice. “We want to serve food kids will want to eat,” Julia Braun, the fast food chain’s head of global nutrition, said about the new alterations, according to USA Today. “We do have this opportunity to influence customer choice by what’s presented.”

Mickey D’s is also working on plans to include healthier Happy Meal options for entrees along with fruit and vegetable sides as part of its continued partnership with the Alliance for Healthier Generation. Restaurants in Italy offer a grilled chicken sandwich on their kids menu, Spain features pineapple spears, and China, Japan, and Taiwan have a cooked corn option. We’re interested to see what new food options will become available in U.S. markets!

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