‘Fear The Walking Dead’s First S4 Trailer: Nick’s Alive, Morgan Arrives & Lots More

Posted on Mar 27 2018 - 4:58am by admin

Finally! We have our first trailer for season four of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ which includes a lengthy look at how Morgan is crossing over from ‘The Walking Dead’.

Are you ready to return to the world of Fear The Walking Dead? Well, you’re in luck! When the show premieres on Sunday, April 15 at 10pm ET on AMC there will be plenty of exciting new changes to take in. For starters, there’s the Morgan (Lennie James) crossover which, by the looks of this trailer, is happening in present time. It’s been previously revealed that there would be a time jump on Fear, but now we know that Morgan will be leaving The Walking Dead after the season eight finale and heading straight into the world of Fear. What else does that tell us? That Nick (Frank Dillane) and his mom, Madison (Kim Dickens), are still alive. But, it’s worth noting those are the only two characters we see Morgan interact with in the trailer. Interesting, no?

Here’s what else we see in the trailer: our first look at the multiple new characters joining the show. Maggie Grace seems like a total bad you-know-what when she reveals her truck armed with rifles. Jenna Elfman is one of the new people under Madison’s reign, and we also see her out and about with Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey). There’s also a mysterious character played by Garrett Dillahunt who gives off some uber creepy vibes. Could he be the next form of trouble that comes knocking on the Clark family’s door? Hmm.

Here’s the full synopsis for season four of Fear The Walking Dead: In Season 4, we will see the world of Madison Clark and her family through new eyes — the eyes of Morgan Jones, who is joining the story from the world of The Walking Dead. The characters’ immediate pasts mix with an uncertain present of struggle and discovery as they meet new friends, foes and threats. They fight for each other, against each other and against a legion of the dead to somehow build an existence against the crushing pressure of lives coming apart. There will be darkness and light; terror and grace; and the heroic, mercenary and craven, all crashing together toward a new reality for Fear the Walking Dead.

Don’t forget to tune in to the season finale of The Walking Dead and season premiere of Fear The Walking Dead on Sunday, April 15. It’s sure to be one for the history books!

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