Fani Kayode Writes Osinbajo! You Are Too CLEAN To Be Buhari’s Vice

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i am happy that the APC eventually took my recommendation and saw the wisdom in now not fielding a muslim/muslim ticket for the 2015 Presidential election even supposing I hear that, proper up till the last minute, they virtually did.

I congratulate my pal and brother Professor Yemi Osinbajo on his nomination because the Vice Presidential candidate of the APC and working mate to Gen. Muhammadu Buhari.

i’ve identified Yemi for plenty of years and i have to say that he’s not best an extraordinarily pleasant and civilised person with a heat and delicate disposition however he’s additionally a cerebal legal professional with a superb thoughts. i have mammoth recognize for him.

but lamentably ever given that I heard about his nomination and announcement as Buhari’s operating mate i have felt nothing but sheer pity for him and a deep experience of pathos. My tips and phrases for him are as follows:

Woe unto the kids of sunshine that secretly enjoyment of darkness and that are seeking for to thwart the assistance of God for their nation via becoming a member of arms with the sons of Boko and the daughters of Haram.

The bible says ”what fellowship is there between gentle and darkness?” It says ”what does God must do with Belial?” It says ”what profiteth a man to gain the world and lose his soul?”.

A revered Pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, a devout and dedicated Christian and an intellectually-sound, neatly-bred and neatly skilled Professor of regulation accepts to be operating mate to a closet fundamentalist, a bloodthirsty, merciless and murderous military dictator and a die-exhausting believer in the philosophy of ”born to rule”? that is serious.

A proficient servant of God who is a favored religious son of Rev. Enoch Adeboye, the final Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church Of God has jumped into mattress with one of the notorious troublers of the faith and probably the most constant enemies of democracy and Nigeria? that is very sad.

Rev. Enoch Adeboye is definitely one of God’s greatest and most dear generals on this planet and one of the crucial Church’s most humble and perfect-beloved valuable gem stones, yet one of his religious sons has for sure let him, and indeed the dominion of God, down through selecting to play ”man Friday” and second fiddle to an individual that represents the whole lot that is troubling, unsettling and repugnant to the up to date world and to the twenty first century? What a tragedy.

A discovered Professor of regulation and a senior member of the Nigerian bar who’s the top authority on the law of proof and who has written numerous books on that subject chooses to play quantity two to a man that failed all his checks at armed forces faculty and that never went to a tight faculty or to any college? leaping Jehoshaphat.

it is just in Nigeria that such a thing can happen. bad Yemi. look at what the Haramites have achieved to him and take a look at what they’ve diminished him to. Is there the rest that these creatures from hell is not going to do? Is there any person that they will not use and is there any norm that they’re going to not defile, pervert, debase, violate and corrupt of their ignoble quest for power and due to their insatiable lusts and show up greed?

in truth that each and every and everybody considered one of us, including my friend Yemi, will not directly have to reply to to God for the selections that we make and we must live with the consequences of those alternatives. it’s no marvel that the Redeemed Christian Church of God has disassociated itself from a false claim that the Church and, through implication, Rev. Adegboye himself, used to be supporting the Buhari/Osibajo ticket. fortunately they have got come out to assert certainly and categorically that this isn’t so. it is easy to at all times trust Adegboye to do and say the appropriate factor as a result of he is a man that’s actually ”after God’s heart”.

but the denial of an endorsement and tacit reinforce from his Church is simply the primary of many shockers and unwelcome surprises that Yemi will likely be served with in the following couple of weeks. he’s going to get shock after shock and surprise after surprise until the combat is over and circumstances compel him to return to his very profitable prison follow.

yet earlier than he does that he must analyze a thing or two from one among his esteemed colleagues and yet every other Pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, the courageous Pastor Bosun Emmanuel. Bosun mentioned the following phrases in his famous sermon titled ‘The Nigerian Church’ which went viral only some months ago.

He mentioned, ”woe be unto any believer who joins palms with the enemies of God in an try to bury the Church and spoil the gospel”. This used to be a well timed admonition and these are robust and clever words from a true servant of God who is below no phantasm about what’s going on within the politics of Nigeria and who is brave sufficient to claim it as it’s.

but whether or not we make a selection to heed Bosun’s phrases or now not i’m completely sure of one factor: people who have aligned with the servants of satan and the children of darkness and that seek to thwart God’s counsel for our nation shall not be successful.

Boko Haram abducted 185 girls in Borno state on December 18th they usually killed no less than 52 innocent people. regardless of that some people are nonetheless aiding Buhari and his military of determined Haramites? What a folks, what a rustic.

those that say that Buhari has changed simply because he selected a Pastor as his working mate are ignorant. Did he no longer have a Pastor as his working mate in his final trip in 2011? Did he no longer still say that it was his intention to ”spread sharia all over the us of a” and that ”an attack on Boko Haram is an attack on the north”?

Did he no longer oppose a state of emergency within the north japanese states and say that it used to be unfair for the defense force to kill Boko Haram members? Did he now not say that instead of killing them they will have to forgive them, pamper them and treat them in the identical manner that the Niger Delta militants were handled?
Did the spokesman of his party Alhaji Lai Mohammed now not say that the proscription of Boko Haram with the aid of the Federal government was once ‘’unjust’’ and ‘’unconstitutional’’? How does the truth that Buhari has opted for a Christian operating mate exchange any of this stuff?

after all he best opted for a Christian working mate as a result of he used to be compelled to take action as a consequence of the hue and cry that the prospect of a muslim/muslim ticket had already started to generate. Are those that cite the truth that he has a Christian operating mate as proof of his new-found love for Christians privy to the truth that right through the American civil conflict a small, ignorant, inaccurate and deluded staff of negro slaves in truth fought on the side of the southern accomplice forces in an try and maintain slavery in situation?

Did that counsel that the leaders of the southern accomplice ‘’secession’’ states modified their minds and fell in love with the blacks that they’d enslaved and treated like animals? Is Buhari’s claim of not being a fan of his personal hausa-fulani tribe now not slightly some distance-fetched? Did he no longer lead a northern delegation to Alhaji Lam Adesina, the late Governor of Oyo state, only some years ago when some Fulani herdsmen have been slaughtering Yoruba farmers on their own land and ask him ‘’why are YOUR individuals killing MY people?’’ apparently Buhari believed that the aggressors that had invaded the land and farms of others and that killed the entire occupants had a proper to do so simply because they have been fulani. yet some individuals nonetheless claim that the person just isn’t a tribalist.

lack of awareness and lack of information is a terrible pain however on this context it’s not best terrible but additionally very dangerous. Buhari’s number of a Christian Pastor as his working mate method nothing and modifications nothing about him or his entrenched views and ancient mind-set.

It reasonably gives clear evidence of his sheer desperation to win energy in any respect costs and it is a reflection of his obtrusive and deep-seated deceit. Let the reality learn despite the fact that the heavens could fall: Christian vice chairman or no Christian vice chairman, Buhari’s heart is still as darkish as ever.

we shall meet him in the field: let God’s can be accomplished.

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