European elections polls LATEST: Brexit Party STORMS ahead – Theresa May faces Tory mutiny

Posted on May 18 2019 - 1:16pm by admin

European elections polls indicate the Brexit Party will win the majority of UK Member of European Parliament seats in the vote on Thursday, May 23. Theresa May could see devastating losses, as the Conservatives and Labour – along with other establishment parties – could drop seats to Nigel Farage’s campaign. Tory MPs have publicly condemned Mrs May, warning her governance could lead to the Conservatives attaining “zero seats” due to voter’s “huge feeling of anger” and antipathy towards Westminster politics.

The latest polling results have forecast Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party as the majority winner in the UK next Thursday.

Voters will visit polling stations across the country on Thursday, while Europe-wide results are expected on the evening of Sunday, May 26.

The polls indicate the Brexit Party will surge ahead of the other two major parties, with the party predicted to win 30 percent of the vote compared to Labour’s 21 percent and the Tories’ 12 percent.

If these polls were to become a reality, it would represent the Conservatives lowest vote share in a national election since the party was formed in 1834.

A YouGov poll commissioned by The Times put the Brexit Party on 35 percent – one point up on last week.

The same sample also showed second-placed Liberal Democrats overtaking the Labour Party, who now sit on 16 percent and 15 percent respectively.

Meanwhile, Mrs May’s Conservatives fall behind on a paltry nine percent as they remain behind the Green Party in fifth.

The Brexit Party remains well ahead of the pack in this polling data taken from a representative sample of more than 7,000 British adults conducted between May 12-16.

Brexiteers within the Tory party have been outspoken about the “anger” Britons are feeling over the failure of Mrs May to agree at exit deal before the European elections.

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has been very outspoken about the fact these European elections were “not supposed to happen”.

But, given the delay in the UK’s exit from the European Union, the UK is now required to participate.

The Prime Minister has been warned the European elections could turn out to be catastrophic for the party based on their performance at the latest local election – during which 1,334 councillors lost their seats amid the Brexit extension backlash.

But Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan has said that he believes it is “a perfectly realistic scenario where we get zero seats.”

Tyranny and rebellion has become entrenched within the Conservative party, with many members calling for Mrs May to quit.

Scathing attacks from many members Conservative Party leader Iain Duncan Smith, Andrea Jenkyns and others means that Mrs May is facing mutiny from both inside and outside of her party.

It all culminated yesterday with Boris Johnson officially announcing he’ll run for the leadership.

Revoking Article 50 and a no-deal Brexit, two extremes of the Europe debate, are currently the hot topic issues with the British public.

The vote will undeniably show the public’s feeling to the Brexit negotiations.

The lack of a Remain alliance, with the Lib Dems, Greens and Change UK all competing and splitting the pro-European vote, makes their job of converting votes into seats even harder.

The current European Parliament is comprised of 751 seats, of which 73 are designated for UK MEPs.

This will remain the composition of the Parliament for as long as the UK remains a member of the EU.

As soon as the UK exits from the European Union, the composition will need to be reconfigured, becoming a 705-seat Parliament, with 27 UK seats due to be reallocated to other EU nations in order to balance the Parliament.

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