European elections 2019 results: What time will election result be announced?

Posted on May 24 2019 - 2:42pm by admin

The UK will take part in this week’s  European elections despite having voted to leave in 2016. The five-yearly election is so EU member states can vote for who they wish to represent them in European Parliament. There are 751 seats in European Parliament which are allocated across the 28 EU countries. Each EU nation has an allocated number of MEPs roughly decided on the size of their population.

When will the EU election results be announced?

While Britain takes part in the EU elections today, we will have to wait for all the other EU nations to have cast their votes before the results are announced.

Many voters will likely use their ballot papers to express their true feelings about Brexit – and the chaotic deadlock the UK is still facing.

Ireland will vote tomorrow, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Malta and Slovakia will all vote on May 25 and the remaining 21 EU nations will cast their ballots on Sunday, May 26.

The results will not be announced until the last polling station has closed at 10pm on May 26.

The EU election results will be announced from 10pm on Sunday.

What will happen after the EU elections?

Once the EU elections votes are counted then the next phase will be for MEPs to arrange themselves into relevant groupings.

MEPs do not sit together by nationality in European Parliament, but by political persuasion.

So, for instance, UKIP MEPs and MEPs from Marie Le Pen’s National Rally party would sit together in Brussels.

For a group to meet the EU’s rules, after the elections it will need to have at least 25 MEPs from at least seven different member states.

MEPs will have to vote for a new European Parliament president and 14 vice presidents.

These roles will be formally adopted by a European Council vote, ahead of taking office on November 1, 2019 – the day after the set Brexit date of October 31.

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