EU elections to be ‘BIGGEST REVOLUTION’ in UK politics as Tories face ‘annihilation’

Posted on May 20 2019 - 7:48pm by admin

According to a detailed YouGov survey published this week, the Conservatives are in fifth place behind the Brexit Party, Labour, the Lib Dems and the Greens. The poll, with more than 7,000 respondents who were surveyed between May 12-16, shows that the Tories are heading “not just for defeat, but for annihilation” in the forthcoming EU vote, according to Tory MEP Daniel Hannan. Tories are expected to receive just nine percent of votes, according to the poll, and Mr Hannan argues that if correct, such a small proportion of the vote would be a “knockout blow” for the governing party – and they would be unlikely to pick itself up again.

Writing for The Telegraph, the MEP for South East England said that the predicted the European election would be a “catastrophe” for the Tories.

He said: “The idea that a party can pick itself up after a result like that and win a general election is for the birds.”

He added: “And, in our political system, when one of the two main parties is stretched out cold on the canvas, the other wins the bout”.

Mr Hannan, who has been a Tory MEP since 1999, warned the “immediate consequence” of the Tories being ousted was a Corbyn-led Government.

While he did not go into detail of what a government led by Jeremy Corbyn would entail, he suggested that Brexit negotiations would end in disaster and said if the Labour leader was elected in, “being in or out of the EU will be the least of our worries”.

Mr Hannan also said the outcome of the EU election could cause “the biggest revolution in our political system since the universal franchise”.

Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party remains at the top of the polls ahead of the EU vote on Thursday, capitalising on the current discontent over Brexit.

But in a shock general election poll, Mr Farage’s party has now surged in second place – overtaking Theresa May’s Conservative Party.

In a survey compiled by Opinium Research, the Brexit Party holds 24 percent of the vote in terms of voting intentions, while the Tories remain on 22 percent with Labour in front on 29 percent.

Opinium Research carried out the online survey of over 2,000 UK adults between May 14 and 16.

In what has been another tough week for the Mrs May, the findings come as yet another blow for the Prime Minister.

Mrs May has vowed to bring her Brexit deal back to Parliament in the first week of June but following the collapse of cross-party talks with Labour, she is expected to lose the vote once again.

She has also insisted that she will set out the timeline for her departure following the vote as Boris Johnson has declared his intention to run in a Tory leadership race.

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