EU Elections LIVE: Farage says there's one HUGE thing giving Brexit Party EDGE over Tories

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The Brexit Party is on course for a landslide victory in the European elections on May 23. Betting company Star Spreads predicted the Brexit Party will take 27 seats in the forthcoming EU election. But Mr Farage said the party’s success – which he said saw more than 100,000 people become members overnight – was due to its streamlined structure, controlled entirely by Mr Farage and the party CEO, Richard Tice.

The Brexit Party has no “members” itself, a party spokesman said — just registered supporters –making it different from both the Tory Labour parties, who are answerable to a large clutch of MPs and several committees.

A Brexit Party spokesman close to Farage told politics website Politics: “We are nimble.

“This is our great advantage. We are able to move quickly, react to what is happening.

EU Elections LIVE: Mr Farage's Brexit Party is being run like a

EU Elections LIVE: Mr Farage’s Brexit Party is being run like a (Image: GETTY)

They [Change UK] just can’t, they are trying to do politics by committee — it’s their fundamental mistake.”

A second party official also said: “We’re a startup, that’s what we are, and startups have to be able to move quickly to survive.”

Mr Farage also told the Sunday Telegraph he is “running a company not a political party”.

He said: “The Chairman Richard Tice and I are not afraid to make decisions.”

EU election LIVE: The Brexit party is not answerable to MPs, members and committees

EU election LIVE: The Brexit party is not answerable to MPs, members and committees (Image: GETTY)

Mr Farage told the BBC that no deal “will be back on the table” if his party wins in the EU Elections next week.

He said: “If the Brexit Party could win these elections next week and win them well, leaving with no deal is back on the table.

“I’m going to demand that we have representation in those negotiations because we will have a democratic mandate to do so.

“And I think Mrs May will have been gone within a few weeks, we may just get a Prime Minister who for fear of the Brexit Party says ‘We’re leaving on October 31 regardless’.”


1.25pm update: Nigel Farage attacked with milkshake in Newcastle during campaign trail – Brexit Party leader ‘furious’

The former UKIP leader was surrounded by security after he was hit by a milkshake during Brexit Party campaigning in Newcastle City Centre.

Footage shows the Brexit Party leader drenched in white milkshake as he is ecorted by his security.

Mr Farage is said to have told his security “it’s a failure” and “how did that happen?” before being whisked away in a car.

He is said to be “furious,” according to reports in the Newcastle Chronicle.

Mr Farage was whisked away after being hit by a milkshake while campaigning

Mr Farage was whisked away after being hit by a milkshake while campaigning (Image: REUTERS)

1.00pm update: Italy’s Salvini says ‘decent people’ oppose Russia sanctions ahead of elections

Right-wing forebrand matteo salvini said “all decent people” oppose damaging sanctions placed on Russia ahead of Thursday’s elections.

The Italian deuty Prime Minister and head of the Europe of Nations and Freedom alliance pf right wing political parties, said sanctions against the country “don not work” – and said most people think they should be scrapped.

Following a publicisied rally in Rome featuring 11 right wing polticial parties from across Europe, Mr Salvini said: “I continue to believe that we don’t need sanctions.

The issue of their removal unites all decent people

The leader of Italy’s right-wing La Lega party argued that the economic warfare between the EU and Russia has “caused damage and resolved nothing”, saying: “If a tool does not work, it is removed.”

Polls show that Salvini’s right-wing alliance is expected to become one of the largest blocs in the next EU parliament.

The US and EU imposed restrictions on Russian produce and goods following the annexe of Crimea in 2014.

Mr Salvini's right-wing alliance to a is expected to take a large portion of the EU parliament

Mr Salvini’s right-wing alliance to a is expected to take a large portion of the EU parliament (Image: GETTY)

12.45pm update: Merkel successor DESPERATE for European elections triumph to prove leadership credentials

Angela Merkel’s CDU successor said Brussels must reinforce the European Union’s external borders, as she desperately promotes herself as future German leader in the run up to Thursday’s EU elections.

Angela Kramp-Karrenbauer, the new leader of the ruling Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party told party supporters in Golintz that Europe should focus on “big issues – freedom and security”.

She told the crowds of her vision to stand up to the US and China, tackle climate change and protect Germany’s borders without compromising the Schengen agreement zone.

The new leader, dubbed AKK, said: “We must ensure that Schengen has external borders that are safe and protected.”

The EU elections are being seen as a test for the leader in waiting, with AKK expected to deliver string election results in both the EU contest and three regional polls in Eastern Germany in the autumn.

EU elections live: The CDU successor must prove herself in the election to be a worthy Chancellor

EU elections live: The CDU successor must prove herself in the election to be a worthy Chancellor (Image: GETTY)

12.30pm update: Gordon Brown calls for probe into Brexit Party’s ‘untraceable’ funding

The former prime minister has challenged the Electoral Commission to launch an investigation into the funding of Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party.

The former Ukip leader refused to comment on claims he received £450,000 from Aaron Banks in the year following the 2016 referendum on Britain’s European Union membershipp, describing it as a “private matter”.

Mr Brown questioned whether sufficient safeguards are in place to protect against “dirty money” donated by foreign actors attempting to influence UK politics.

Speaking at a European election campaign event in Glasgow, Mr Brown demanded: “The Electoral Commission and the European Parliament should now investigate Nigel Farage.

“Democracy is undermined if we have undeclared, untraceable payments made to the Brexit Party.”

The Brexit Party leader hit back and said: “This from the man who was part of a Labour Party who, through Lord Levy, were making a lot of big donors members of the House of Lords.

“How dare he? Most of our money has been raised by people giving £25 to become registered supporters and nearly 110,000 of them now have done that.

Former prime minister Gordon Brown

Mr Brown has called for a probe into the Brexit Party’s finances (Image: GETTY)

“Frankly, this smacks of jealousy because the other parties simply can’t do this. How open can we be? What you have got here are the conspiracy theorists doing their utmost to try and delegitimise what is the fastest-growing political movement this country has ever seen.”

12.15pm update: Jean-Claude Juncker fumes at ‘stupid journalists’ claims of ‘drinking problem’

The European Commission President bemoaned “stupid journalists” continuing to question the claim that he has a “drinking problem”.

The 64-year-old suffers from sciatica, which he says was the result of a car crash that left him in a coma for three weeks in 1989.

But his health condition prompted reports of alcoholism, most notably at last year’s Nato summit where he was spotted unsteady on his feet and helped to walk by numerous EU leaders.

Speaking of the allegations, he blasted: “I no longer answer these questions. I’ve said it many times that I do not have a problem with alcohol.

“Stupid journalists always ask the same question, even though this question has already been answered.”

The EU Commission president has lashed out at journalists asking him about drinking

The EU Commission president has lashed out at journalists asking him about drinking (Image: GETTY)

12.00pm update: Le Pen far-right win at EU elections ‘would hurt euro’ says French economy minister

French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire said a win by Marine le Pen’s far-right Rassemblement National party at the EU elections could hurt the euro and damage the French economy and industries.

Opinion polls show Le Pen’s party – formerly known as the National Front – to be neck-and-neck with President Macron’s centrist Republic On the Move party.

Le Maire said on a Sunday talk show on BFM television: “If the nationalists, through Marine Le Pen, win on May 26, it would be serious for our finances, it would be serious for the stability of the euro

“It will be serious for all economic and industrial policies that we have launched.

“These decisions are hard to make. If we do not take them, it is the euro that risks being threatened.”

Marine Le Pen's far right Rassemblement Nationals are tied with President Macron's republican party

Marine Le Pen’s far right Rassemblement Nationals are tied with President Macron’s republican party (Image: GETTY)

11.40am update: Merkel to remain as Chancellor until 2021 – regardless of EU elections results

Ms Merkel will remain as Germany’s Chancellor until 2021 as planned – even if her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party suffers disastrous results in the European elections, according to reports.

Last month, German media claimed Mrs Merkel could quit as Chancellor as early as next month after her successor and CDU leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer called a surprise meeting of party figureheads after the European elections.

Television news channel and website Welt reported the CDU chairwoman scheduled the meeting for June 2 in Berlin, fuelling speculation Ms Kramp-Karrenbauer is already looking to implement radical changes.

The last unscheduled board meeting called by the CDU was held last autumn after the withdrawal of Mrs Merkel from office as the party chairwoman.

But according to Swiss financial publication Cash, citing unnamed CDU insiders, Mrs Merkel is fighting plans from Ms Kramp-Karrenbauer to quit as Chancellor if her party performs poorly in this week’s European elections.

Ms Merkel will remain as German Chancellor even if her CDU party fails catastrophically at elections

Ms Merkel will remain as German Chancellor even if her CDU party fails catastrophically at elections (Image: GETTY)

11.15am update: Kurz to hold snap general election after corruption scandal rocks Austria

Austrian Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache resigned after secret footage emerged showing him talking to an alleged Russian investor.

Germany’s Der Spiegel and Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper published the video on Friday.

Mr Strache appeared to offer government contracts to a woman who claimed to be a Russian investor and niece of an oligarch, which allegedly took place on July 24, 2017, in Ibiza, Spain.

Mr Kurz said of the video: “Even if I didn’t express myself publicly at the time, there were many situations that I found difficult to swallow.

“After yesterday’s video, I must say quite honestly: Enough is enough.

“The serious part of this was the attitude towards abuse of power, towards dealing with taxpayers’ money, towards the media in this country.”

The Austrian coalition government has been torn in the run up to Thursday's EU elections

The Austrian coalition government has been torn in the run up to Thursday’s EU elections (Image: GETTY)

11.00am update: Farage – party has “clear” policy to honour 2016 referendum

Speaking to the media outside Exeter Cathedral on Monday, Mr Farage said:  “What’s the Labour Party’s policy on Brexit? Jeremy Corbyn couldn’t answer that seven times on Sunday.

“What’s the Tory Party policy? Depends who you ask. Our policy platform for this election is dead simple – we want the democratic vote of the British people honoured.

“We have a new date now of October 31. We must leave on that date. If we win these  representatives of the Brexit Party should be part of the Government negotiating team to make sure we do leave on that date.

“We have a very ambitious programme of political reform and I will be unveiling some of that on Tuesday night in our final rally.

“The vote on Thursday is about the greatest democratic exercise in the history of our country being betrayed by politicians who promised the opposite.”

Mr Farage's assault on the mainstream parties is continuing full steam ahead

Mr Farage’s assault on the mainstream parties is continuing full steam ahead (Image: GETTY)

10.40am update: FA accuses English Democrats of ‘misusing’ Three Lions emblem for election campaign

The Football Association (FA) has accused the English Democrats of “misusing” its famous Three Lions logo in millions of campaign leaflets.

The logo appears on the A4 leaflets being delivered in Yorkshire and the Humber and the East of England, as part of the party’s European elections campaign.

The leaflet spells out their policy – no to EU rule, no to mass immigration and Yes to “an English voice “to ensure England is not the poor relation to the UK.

An FA spokesman said: “We do not support or endorse any political party. We are aware that our logo has been misused on some political leafleting and we are looking into the matter.”

The English Democrats are campaigning for English jobs for English workers, for the country to be governed by English law and taking back control of its borders.

Twitter users are also unhappy at the apparent hi-jacking of the England football symbol.

One user wrote: “@England @GaryLineker @three_ryans @hopenothate Hi FA people? Are you happy with the English Democrats using your Three Lions logo in their Brexit leaflets? It’s horrible to see the England team’s brand tarnished by association.”

10.30am update: Farage THREATENS BBC over bias claiming ‘licence fee has RISEN up’ Brexit Party agenda

The Brexit Party leader launched a stunning attack on the BBC.

the former UKIP leader said the issue of “the license fee has risen up our agenda” after pro-Brexit politicians were snubbed on Sunday’s The Andrew Marr Show.

He issued a chilling threat to bosses at the corporation on Twitter, threatening to make the license fee part of his party’s manifesto.

Guests on Mr Marr’s show included Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, Lib Dems premier Vince Cable, the Scottish National Party’s Nicola Sturgeon as well as Change UK’s lead spokesman Chuka Umunna.

He said: “Andrew Marr had 5 Remainers and no Brexit voice on today despite the Brexit Party leading in the polls.

“We haven’t written a manifesto yet, but I have a feeling the BBC licence fee has risen up our agenda.”


The Brexit Party leader launched a scathing attack on the BBC

The Brexit Party leader launched a scathing attack on the BBC (Image: TWITTER/NIGEL_FARAGE)

10.10am update: Brexit Party will ‘dominate’ the Conservatives – but Farage’s success won’t last

This is the latest preditiction from political experts analysing the European Elections on Thursday.

The newly-launched political party, led by former Ukip leader, have made an immediate impact as Britons head to the polls to vote MEPs into the European Parliament.

In the latest poll by YouGov of 7,192 British adults from May 12-16, the Brexit Party continues to take full advantage of the carnage engulfing the Conservatives and Labour, with 35 percent intending to vote for them.

Labour is back in third position with 15 percent and behind the Liberal Democrats on 16 percent, with the Conservatives languishing in fifth with just nine percent – shifting them behind the Green Party (10 percent).x

Theresa May’s struggles to get Britain out of the European Union have continued to blow a huge hole in voter confidence, with 62 percent of Conservative voters from 2017 now opting for the Brexit Party.

Political experts have warned the Brexit Party will almost certainly be a “huge threat” to the Tories at this week’s European elections.

EU election LIVE: Theresa May's Conservatives are under mounting pressure

EU election LIVE: Theresa May’s Conservatives are under mounting pressure (Image: GETTY)

9.20am update: Trade Union launches anti-far right ad campaign

Unite has launched a major advertising campaign aimed at boosting voter turnout to stop right leaning political parties from making gains in Thursday’s European elections.

The trade union said there will be billboards in 44 locations across Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Liverpool.

it will also bolster the drive with full page adverts in newspapers, as well as a Facebook campaign.

The union said it feared that a low turnout on Thursday could allow far right candidates to “sneak in” and get elected to the European Parliament.

Unite general secretary Len McCluskey said: “Make sure the tolerance and respect that runs through the communities of the North West is the winner by using your vote.

“Stop those seeking to use these elections to gain a platform to spread their message of fear and hate by getting out to vote to stop the far right and voting Labour this Thursday.”

The Brexit Party has been tipped to score big successes in this week's elections

The Brexit Party has been tipped to score big successes in this week’s elections (Image: GETTY)

9.10am update: Brexit Party represents “existential threat” to  Tories 

Nigel Farage’s surging Brexit Party represents an “existential threat” to the Tories and could wreak havoc at the next general election, especially if predictions of success during next week’s European vote are accurate, a political analyst has said.

Professor Tony Travers also warned the ultimate result could let Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn into Number 10 “by accident”.

The former UKIP leader only returned to the fray in January with the launch of his new political venture – but polls suggest he is on course for remarkable success in the European Parliamentary elections on May 23.

Professor Travers of the London School of Economics (LSE) said this would put him on course to do major damage to the Conservative Party’s brand whenever a general election is called.

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