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Ethiopia: EDA Expects Diasporas to Improve Poor Standard Schools

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The Ethiopian Diaspora Agency (EDA) announced that it has designed projects to mobilize the diaspora contribution in renovating, reconstructing poor-standard and traditional schools in rural areas of the country.

Agency Director General Selamawit Dawit told The Ethiopian Herald that EDA is working with diaspora coordination offices, regional education bureaus and public enterprises to design and implement the projects.

Government organizations including the Ministry of Education and other stakeholders have been engaged in designing the projects to get backed and developed by the diaspora. This is important to renovating poor standard traditional schools as well as other social development projects, she noted.

“We are working on facilitating conditions in which the Diaspora can contribute for rehabilitation and expansion of schools in all parts of the country,” she noted.

She said that efforts will be strengthened to design, coordinate and deliver additional community-based projects that are expected to be implemented by the support of the Diaspora. The agency is also working to realize projects related to drinking water, health facilities and so on.

EDA Advisor Mulugeta Abebe on his part said that the Agency is working with stakeholders to create the opportunity for Ethiopian Diasporas to contribute fair their share in the construction and rehabilitation of schools that help to meet the requirements set by the Ministry of Education.