END OF UK: United Ireland support SURGES as May's Brexit crisis deepens

Posted on Dec 8 2018 - 8:45am by admin

The survey, commissioned by The Times, showed only 29 percent of those polled said they would never want to hold a referendum on partition. One out of four believe the vote should take place within the next five years, with 19 percent saying they would like to have a referendum on it “very soon” after Brexit day on March 29 2019. Some 12 percent said the vote should happen, but within the next decade. 

17 percent of people said they would like to have a say about partition in the “distant future”.

In case the poll took place in 2019, right after a Brexit spelled out by Mrs May’s agreement, 48 percent of the surveyed said they would vote to remain in the UK while another 48 percent of them said they would want to join a united Ireland.

And if Britain left without a deal the number of people ready to back a united Ireland would reach 55 percent of the surveyed, including 11 percent of unionists.

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On the other hand, 42 percent said they would prefer to remain part of the UK, while 3 percent said they didn’t know. 

The poll of 1,334 Northern Irish voters was conducted by LucidTalk, a market research company based in Belfast, between November 30 and December 3.

The poll also looked into whether Northern Ireland residents would support a second referendum – with 83 percent of nationalists and 27 percent of unionists supporting one.

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The Times-commissioned survey also unveiled the DUP is out of touch with what the people of Northern Ireland want their MPs in Westminster to do. 

Despite Arlene Foster saying her party’s 10 MPs will not support the deal on December 11, one in four unionists, 26 percent, said unionist parties would be wrong to vote down Mrs May’s agreement. 

And 38 percent of unionists disagreed or strongly disagreed with the DUP tactics.

The stunning poll comes as another survey conducted by YouGov showed only two constituencies in the UK would back the Prime Minister’s Withdrawal Agreement. 

The survey showed only Tory-held Broxbourne and Christchurch supported Mrs May with 30 other constituencies saying they favoured a no-deal Brexit.

And an overwhelming 600 seats said remaining in the European Union would be the best outcome for Britain.

Mrs May has today sent to universities, schools and workplaces 30 ministers of her Cabinet to garner favour ahead of the meaningful vote.    

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