Election LIVE 2019: Swinson GIVEN UP? Keunssberg reveals shock talk with Lib Dem chief

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The shock revelation was made by BBC News Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg as the pressure begins to tell on the party.

Ms Kuenssberg tweeted: “Swinson on stage – really interesting talking to her earlier – she admits it would be a ‘big step’ from where polls are for to have proper crack at No 10, v different language to a few weeks ago.”

She added: “While she repeated that ‘Lib Dem votes’ wouldn’t prop up either Johnson or Corbyn, she would NOT say she’d actually block either of them.

“I understand LDs discussing whether they’d abstain on Queen’s Speech seeing either of them into office if they allowed another EU referendum.”

Earlier, Ms Swinson launched her party’s manifesto which includes procuring a £50billion “Remain bonus”, but some voters have dubbed as “bonkers”.

She unveiled the document this afternoon ahead of the event, which promises a £50billion “Remain bonus”, the legalisation of cannabis, greater trans rights and an injection of funding into education and childcare. 

One person accused Ms Swinson of “living in cloud cuckoo land” after the manifesto said her party would secure a £50billion “Remain bonus”.

Another said: “She is bonkers must wake up each day, and think, what words can we use today, to fool everyone, that the public will have no idea what it means, and what imaginable amount of money shall we pluck out of thin air? Deluded, idiotic and dangerous.”

A third user said the “Remain bonus” pledge is as bad as the £350million the Leave campaign promised during the EU referendum campaign.


Jo Swinson

Jo Swinson admitted it would be a ‘big step’ to bridge the gap in recent polls to make it into No 10 (Image: Getty)

Boris Johnson news

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn went head-to-head in a live TV debate last night (Image: Reuters)

5.41pm update: Swinson ‘so proud’ biggest manifesto investment ‘to help parents’ with ‘free, high-quality childcare’

Jo Swinson says: “Currently, when those nine months of paid parental leave are up, the cost of childcare just makes returning to work impossible for far too many people,” said the party leader.

“We all know someone – a friend, a family member, usually a woman – who has had to give up her career to care for the family.

“They take time out of work for a couple of years until the current childcare starts and then if they have a second or third child, then soon enough they have lost out on six or seven years’ worth of work experience, opportunities and promotions and pay rises.

“We are deluded if we think at the moment that families have a choice with how they balance work and taking care of their little ones.”

5.35pm update: Johnson and Corbyn ‘gambling with your future’ – Swinson 

The Lib Dem leader tells supporters: “Instead of addressing these very real problems, from in-work poverty and inequality and funding for our schools, the mental health crisis and the climate emergency, we have wasted the last three-and-a-half years, talking about Brexit on pursuing a path that we know will make all of these problems worse.

“There is no form of Brexit that will be good for the future of our country. It would put our jobs at risk, hurt our NHS, reduce our environmental protection, threaten workers’ rights, and it would make us less safe.

“Whether Brexit is done by Boris Johnson, or sorted by Jeremy Corbyn, they are both gambling with your future.”

5.25pm update: Swinson admits it would be ‘big step’ to bridge gap in polls and become PM

The shock revelation was made by BBC News Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg as the pressure begins to tell on the party.

Ms Kuenssberg tweeted: Swinson on stage – really interesting talking to her earlier – she admits it would be a ‘big step’ from where polls are for to have proper crack at No 10, v different language to a few weeks ago.”

5.20pm update: Lib Dems publish general election manifesto 

The party’s leader Jo Swinson is on stage in London for the launch of their general election manifesto. 

The Liberal Democrats have repeated their pledge to “stop Brexit”. 

She tells supporters to reject the “two old parties” of the Tories and Labour.

5.14pm update: Anna Soubrey opponent told to stay out of her constituency after harassment verdict

A Brexiteer standing against leading Remainer Anna Soubry in next month’s general election has been found guilty of harassing her and banned from campaigning in her constituency.

Westminster Magistrates Court heard 56-year-old Amy Dalla Mura targeted Ms Soubry between January and March this year, turning up at events and calling her a traitor on live television.

Ms Soubry and Dalla Mura are standing in Broxtowe in Nottinghamshire – Ms Soubry for the Independent Group for Change and Dalla Mura for the English Democrats.

Describing Dalla Mura’s behaviour as “oppressive and unacceptable”, the magistrate said her conduct was “driven by anger at Ms Soubry’s political views on Brexit” and that she had “caused harassment in the sense of alarm and distress”.

4.52pm update: Stuck in the 1980s! McDonnell furious at Tory National Insurance pledge

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell said: “Even after ten years of cruel cuts and despite creaking public services the Tories still think the answer to the challenges of our time is a tax cut of £1.64 a week, with those on Universal Credit getting about 60p.

“Meanwhile independent experts have said this will cost up to £11 billion so everyone who relies on public services and social security will be wondering whether they will be paying the price.

“The Tories are stuck in the 1980s while a Labour Government will tackle head-on the climate and human emergencies of our time.”

4.40pm update: Johnson claims National Insurance pledge would put £500 into people’s pockets

The Prime Minister said: “If you remember… the Conservative Party leadership campaign which I contested only a few months ago, this was actually the key policy I kept talking about so I don’t think it can come as much of a surprise.

“Obviously the thinking behind it is that we’re tax-cutting Conservatives but we think this is the moment to help people with the cost of living and to do more to help people on low incomes with the cost of living, to put more money into their pockets and we have to do it in a way that is prudent, that is affordable, and we’ve been working on it for a while as you can imagine.

“We will initially go up to £9,500 in the first stage but of course the plan is to go up to £12,000.”

Mr Johnson said the £9,500 would be “soon” in the next Parliament if the party wins the election.

He added: “This will put around £500 into people’s pockets – it’s good for the economy, it stimulates consumption, it stimulates growth, but it also will help people with the cost of living. The cost we think is about £2.1 billion in 2021 so it’s affordable.”

4.23pm update: Labour hypes manifesto as “most radical” country has ever seen 

The Labour Party has claimed its manifesto will be the “most radical” ever seen in Britain.

Speaking during a campaign visit to support Gill Ogilvie, Labour’s candidate in Walsall North, party chairman Ian Lavery said: “Wait until tomorrow. I promise you, you will be excited by what the party has got to offer.

“It’s the most radical manifesto probably this country has ever seen by any political party.”

Labour is set to release its general election manifesto on Thursday.

3.39pm update: Boris Johnson promises Tories will increase National Insurance threshold

The Prime Minister has pledged to increase the threshold for National Insurance in a major boost for workers.

Mr Johnson said his Conservative Party would raise the threshold at which workers start to pay the National Insurance payroll tax to £12,000 a year.

National Insurance is currently payable on earnings over £8,632 a year, and the increase in the starting threshold would bring it in line with income tax.

Mr Johnson said in response to a question at a campaign event ahead of a general election on December 12: “We’re going to be cutting National Insurance up to 12,000.”

Paul Withers taking over from Emily Ferguson.

2.29pm update: No 10 ‘panic’ as Boris blurts out big manifesto offer, ahead of launch

Boris Johnson appears to have blurted out a Tory manifesto offer while at a visit in Teesside. 

He said his party plan to raise the National Insurance threshold to £12,000, up from the current rate of £8,632. 

But it appears this comment was accidental, as it is reported No 10 advisers are now panicking he has just revealed the big Tory tax giveaway.

The Institue for Fiscal studies estimates the policy move would cost £10billion.

1.51pm update: Boris talks with workers at an engineering company in Stockton-on-Tees

Boris Johnson spoke with workers at an engineering company in Stockton-on-Tees. 

He said he wants a high wage, high skills, low tax economy and also reiterated the Tories are the party to deliver Brexit.

The Prime Minister also guaranteed the Tories will never sell of the NHS.

1.35pm update: Lib Dems release manifesto ahead of launch tonight

The Lib Dems have released their full election manifesto ahead of their official launch this evening.

Highlights include: procuring a £50billion “Remain bonus”, legalising cannabis, vast increase in childcare spending and more generous welfare support.

1.22pm update: Boris announces funding for flood-hit homes

Boris Johnson has said flood-hit homes and businesses will be eligible for Government grants worth up to £5,000 for new resilience measures. 

Writing in the Yorkshire Post, he said: “We must do everything possible to protect against future flooding and speed up the recovery time.

|So I can announce today that flood-hit homes and businesses will be eligible for government grants of up to £5,000 for new resilience measures.

“This money will help people with the cost of installing precautions like flood doors or raised electrical systems.

“Steps of this kind will reduce any damage that could be caused by future floods and accelerate any clean-ups, enabling people to return to their homes more quickly.”

12.45pm update: Swinson confident Lib Dems will make electoral gains, despite poll slump

Jo Swinson is confident the Lib Dems will make gains in the election, despite her party seeing a decline in support in the polls.

She told PA news agency: “I’m confident Liberal Democrats are going to make significant gains in this election.”

12.36pm update: Boris visits washing machine factory

Boris Johnson has visited a washing machine manufacturer in the north-east of England while on the campaign trail.

He met workers and tried his hand at moulding parts at the Ebac factory in Newton Aycliffe.

12.20pm update: Sturgeon says Labour cannot win in Scotland

Nicola Sturgeon has issued a warning to the Labour Party and said they cannot win seats in Scotland.

She said that in all 13 Scottish seats the Tories hold, the SNP are the challengers.

12.13pm update: SNP warn ‘Brexit chaos’ could last ‘years and years and years’

Speaking in Dundee, Nicola Sturgeon has warned post-Brexit trade talks could take “years and years and years”.

She said: “The truth is Westminster is going to be engulfed in Brexit chaos for years to come, with long-term damage to Scotland guaranteed.”

Election news Tory Twitter account

Last night an official Tory Twitter account temporarily rebranded to ‘FactcheckUK’ (Image: Twitter)

11.52am update: Plaid Cymru call for new tax credit for renters 

The Welsh party have called for the creation of a new tax credit for people who pay more than 30 percent of their income on rent and utilities.

Plaid Cymru MP Ben Lake said: “Everyone in Wales should have safe, stable and suitable housing but that’s fast becoming the privilege of fewer people every year.

“Renters in Wales have a bad deal: 37% of private renters in Wales earn less than £15,000, and almost half of private households in Wales spend more than 30% of their income on housing costs.

“This leaves over 100,000 households with very little to spend on basic living expenses like food, heating or transport.

“Plaid Cymru will help those people by creating a new tax credit of up to £25 a week to households paying over 30% of their income on private rent and utilities, providing people with much needed relief and flexibility to spend on other vital needs like food, heating and transport.”

11.33am update: Tories confirm Amjad Bashir has been suspended from the party

The Tory Party has confirmed that Leeds North East candidate Amjad Bashir has been suspended from the party. 

A spokesman said: “Mr. Bashir has been suspended from the party pending investigation and election support has been withdrawn.”

The suspension follows the news he made controversial comments about British Jews while he was a UKIP MEP in 2014.

He apologised for the comments where he said that British Jews return from Israel trips as “brainwashed extremists”.

11.12am update: 6.7million watched last night’s TV debate 

6.7million viewers tuned in to watch Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn go head-to-head in last night’s election debate aired on ITV.

According to one report, the programme peaked at seven million viewers between 8.50pm and 8.55pm.

10.43am update: Boris announces ‘fair deal’ for renters

Boris Johnosn has announced new housing plans, including a “fair deal” for renters and plans for a million more homes to tackle the housing crisis.

He said under a Tory Government, renters will be able to have Lifetime Deposists which can be transferred from one propoerty to another to make the process of moving home easier and cheaper.

10.26am update: Corbyn’s income tax hikes will affect 2 million workers

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party would see almost two million people pay more in income tax if their party is handed the keys to No 10 after the December 12 general election.

Those earning more than £80,000 a year will be liable for higher income tax and instead of paying 40 percent tax, under Labour’s plans workers will have to fork out 45 percent of their wage.

New analysis by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has said the proposed tax increase will affect 1.6million people, the top five percent of income tax payers, by the next tax year (2020/21).

Boris Johnson news

Boris Johnson visits a washing machine factory on campaign trail (Image: Getty)

9.57am update: Lorraine Kelly hits out at MPs for avoiding GMB

Lorraine Kelly has hit out at MPs who refuse to appear on Good Morning Britain. 

As Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid handed over to Lorraine, they asked her what she thought about the fact that Labour’s Jonathan Ashworth willingly appeared on the show, while members of other parties declined.

Lorraine was quick to hit out at the move, calling the Conservatives “terrible” for not using the platform to outline their policies to those voting.

She quipped: “Shame on them, and good for you. That is terrible that they’re not coming on, it’s outrageous.”

9.29am update: Labour MP left ‘flabbergasted’ at Boris’ defence of Royal Family

On last night’s TV debate, Boris Johnson said the Royal Family was “beyond reproach”.

Shadow women and equalities secretary Dawn Butler has hit out at the Prime Minister for making the comment.

She told BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme: “I think most people would think that there is always room for improvement, and I think that Boris’s response in regards to the royal family being beyond reproach was just flabbergasting with everything that is currently being exposed in regards to Prince Andrew and the scandal and the paedophile.

“To actually not talk about the victims, which Jeremy did right straight away and saying that we should be focusing on the victims, but then to say that the Royal Family is beyond reproach is unforgivable.”

9.15am update: Lib Dems pledge an emergency £4.6bn cash injection into schools

Ahead of their official manifesto launch, the Lib Dems have promised an emergency £4.6billion cash injection into schools. 

Layla Moran, the party’s education spokeswoman, told Radio 4’s Today Programme said the initial sum would increase to more than £10billion by 2024-25, if the Lib Dems formed the next Government.

She said it would be funded from the £15billion “Remain bonus” from stopping Brexit.

9.04am update: Twitter warns against ‘attempts to misled people’

Twitter has warned that any further attempts to mislead the public on its platform during the general election campaign will lead to action by the social media giant.

The warning comes as the Tories faced criticism after one of its official Twitter accounts was rebranded as a fact-checking service during the ITV leaders’ debate on Tuesday evening.

Boris Johnson news

Boris Johnson said the Royal Family was ‘beyond reproach’ during last night’s TV debate (Image: Getty)

8.53am update: Laura Kuenssberg says TV debate was unremarkable 

BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg said last night’s TV debate was not a game-changer and has not resulted in a surge in support for either leader.

She said: “The first head-to-head clash between the two men who could be the next prime minister did not transform the landscape of this election.

“Neither man seem to have made a meaningful mistake. Nor did either of them appear to have a breakthrough moment.”

8.45am update: Lib Dems to launch election manifesto at 5pm

The Lib Dems will unveil its election manifesto at an event in central London at 5pm today.

Its leader Jo Swinson will hope the launch will give the party renewed momentum, after they have started to fall in the polls.

8.24am update: Raab defends Twitter rebranding 

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has defended the Tories’ decision to rebrand one of their official Twitter accounts as a fact-checking service during last night’s TV debate.

Mr Raab told BBC Breakfast it was part of the Toires “instant rebuttal” mechanise for challenging the “nonsense” put out by Labour on the NHS and other issues.

He said: “We want to make it clear that we are holding Labour to account for the nonsense that they systematically and serially put out in relation to Conservatives.

“It was pegged to the CCHQ account. No one who looked at it for more than a split-second would have been fooled.”

8.14am update: Tories under fire for Twitter stunt

The Tories have been criticised for a Twitter stunt during the ITV debate last night, where they temporarily rebranded the Concertaive Campaign Headquarters press office account to “factcheckUK”.

The account then attacked Jermey Corbyn’s statements, with the word “FACT” and retweeted messages supporting the Prime Minister.

Defending the ploy on BBC Newsnight, party Chairman James Cleverly said it was “completely legitimate” to call out what he said were Corbyn’s “inaccuracies.”

But host Emily Maitlis accused the Tories of “misleading the public” by dressing up “party lines as hardened fact”.

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