Diabetes type 2 – breakthrough supplement drink could CURE high blood sugar

Posted on Feb 14 2018 - 11:01pm by admin

Diabetes and obesity have hit “epidemic proportions” over the past 20 years, according to scientists.

The conditions damage blood vessels that supply vital organs around the body.

Diabetes increases the risk of heart disease, strokes and heart attacks.

Now, a ketone supplement drink could ease symptoms in diabetes patients by lowering blood sugar, researchers form the University of British Columbia revealed.

The supplement drink, which includes the chemical ketone monoester, successfully lowered blood sugar in healthy individuals.

While the supplement drink doesn’t taste particularly appetising, the findings could pave the way for new diabetes treatments.

Researcher Jonathan Little said: “Our study was done in healthy young participants, but if the same responses were seen in people with, or at risk for, type 2 diabetes, then it is possible that a ketone monoester supplement could be used to lower glucose levels and improve metabolic health.

“The ketone supplements do not taste very good and, in order to blind the participants, we had to make a control drink that also tasted distinctly bad. It made for interesting mornings seeing how the participants would respond to the taste of their drinks.”

You could also lower blood sugar by taking daily ginger supplements, a nutritionist said.

Ginger may help to fight inflammation and prevent some negative outcomes of diabetes.

Nutritionist Dr Josh Axe said: “Gingerols are widely known to naturally improve diabetes and enhance insulin sensitivity.

“Simply put, ginger not only helps prevent and reverse diabetes itself — it protects against and improves diabetic complications like diabetic retinopathy.”

About 3.5 million people in the UK have diabetes.

Symptoms of the blood sugar condition include urinating more often than normal, feeling very thirsty, and having cuts or wounds that won’t heal.

Diabetics are up to five times more likely to develop heart disease or have a stroke, according to the NHS.

Eating a healthy, balanced diet and regularly exercising could lower your risk of the condition. 

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