Dementia – PREVENT Alzheimer’s disease by adding this 79p superfood to your diet

Posted on Feb 24 2018 - 3:43pm by admin

Dementia is the name given to conditions linked to ongoing brain function decline, according to the NHS.

Signs of dementia include memory loss, confusion, and difficulty following a conversation.

There’s currently no cure for dementia, but some lifestyle changes may help to prevent the condition, or reduce symptoms.

But, eating more avocados could help to prevent dementia, a nutritionist has claimed.

“While there are some foods you should avoid to lower your Alzheimer’s risk, there are a tonne that you should be enjoying that can actually help lower your risk,” said Dr Josh Axe.

“Following the Mediterranean diet is one of the best things you can do for your brain.

“The Mediterranean has been touted as one of the best ways to decrease your chances of developing Alzheimer’s through nutrition.

“Because the Mediterranean diet is heavy on brain foods like avocados, leafy greens and olive oil, it makes sense that following the diet would keep the brain in tip-top shape.”

Avocados contain the brain-boosting compound lutein.

Lutein has been linked to a lower risk of dementia, scientists have claimed.

Eating foods rich in the compound – including avocados and leafy green vegetables – could keep the brain cognitively fit, they said.

Keeping your brain active, like learning a new language, could help to prevent dementia.

You could also lower your risk of dementia by eating a healthy, balanced diet, the NHS said.

Exercising for at least 150 minutes a week could also prevent a brain condition.

Talk to a GP if you’re worried about memory problems, or other signs of dementia.

Finding it difficult to carry out everyday tasks, or getting confused over the correct change while shopping, are also signs you should see a doctor.

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