Constipation pain? This simple exercise could help get rid of bloating

Posted on Feb 10 2018 - 9:57am by admin

If you haven’t passed a stool at least three times over the past week, you could be constipated, according to the NHS.

It could also be constipation if the stool is difficult to push out, is larger than usual, or if it’s dry, hard or lumpy.

Making some diet changes could help to treat the condition.

But, this simple exercise could help to relieve painful bloating.

“Constipation in adults has many possible causes,” said the NHS.

“Sometimes there is no obvious reason. Constipation is also common during pregnancy and for six weeks after giving birth.

In much rarer cases, constipation may be caused by a medical condition.”

Certain yoga poses can increase blood flow to the digestive tract, and stimulate the intestines to contract, said medical website LiveStrong.

The Pavanmuktasana yoga pose could help to relieve the bloating that’s linked to constipation.

The pose – which is also called the gas-releasing pose – starts by lying on your back.

Bring both of your knees up toward your chest, exhaling as you pull them up.

While gently adding pressure, bring your thighs towards your belly.

Bring your head up, and touch your knees with your forehead. Hold the position for between 30 and 60 seconds, while breathing normally, said LiveStrong.

Constipation is most commonly caused by not eating enough fibre-rich foods.

Vegetables, fruit and some cereals all contain lots of fibre.

The best way to prevent the condition is by exercising regularly, drinking plenty of fluids and by never ignoring the urge to pass a stool.

Add some wheat bran, oats or linseed to your diet to lower your risk of constipation in the future.

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