Comedian, McAbbey da prof and wife celebrate 10th wedding anniversary

Posted on Dec 9 2017 - 4:43am by admin

Comedian McAbbey da prof and his wife Olajumoke, are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary today, December 8th. They got married on 10th December 2007 and have two children. On his IG page, McAbbey took time to reflect on how he met Jumy and their journey in matrimony. He wrote

‘The moment I met you in the line of duty on stage I felt the connection… When I spoke with you 2 weeks after I just knew it… Though I kept building a strong friendship relationship so that you can know me for me, not too long I popped up the almighty intention?.. and you took me through your test unaware to me but thank God I passed cos we are meant to be…@jummyemi Olajumoke my Temi to sure, my Ebun, my fragrant garden my rare gem… You have tolerated me with my many flaws, accepted me in my humble state, comforted me in my times of worries, you’ve made a home for me to come to, a loving heart to warm up to, you are many things to me that truly defines a helpmate… Iol I remember when we quarrel and cry together, when we get touchy and hurt each other, one thing that brings smiles back to us is the fact that we’ve learnt to “love the person and deal with the issue” we resolve not to have a back door option, it is staying together all the way…
10yrs… Wow, I pray God’s hands upon us as we journey through the many years together till He comes.. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU EBUN MI TO LEWA?????

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