Cold cure: These are UK parent's top tips and remedies

Posted on Feb 17 2018 - 8:06pm by admin

Their research, of 2,000 UK parents also delved into the desperate measures parents’ adopt to try and get their cold-ridden children to sleep.

These include sleeping on their child’s bedroom floor (21 per cent) or staying up all night to soothe crying or upset children (29 per cent).

Colds are also having an emotional impact on exhausted parents with 27 per cent feeling it leaves them unable to cope with the day ahead.

Colds are also causing erratic behaviour with 7 per cent admitting to driving their child to the wrong place after a cold-induced bad night’s sleep.

A further 13 per cent forget practical items like laptops and school bags, while 14 per cent admit they end up rowing with their partner. 

While a good night’s sleep came out as the optimum cold cure (47 per cent), using a medicine was also popular to help provide relief (39 per cent).

Feeding a cold and starving a fever was also a favourite (21 per cent), while some more bizarre remedies include walking around with no socks on and ginger wine in hot water.

Sleep expert Dr Neil Stanley said: “There is no actual cure for the common cold but a good night’s sleep is crucial to getting better.

“We all know it is hard to sleep when we have a cold – and this research highlights that the amount of sleep lost can be significant.

“So tips and products that can help in any way are good, for the whole family.” 

Jonathan Carroll-Goldin, senior marketing manager for Vicks said: “It is concerning to see how much sleep families are losing as a result of colds.

“This research really highlights the impact of a cold and sleep deprivation on the whole family.

“We are thrilled with the results of this clinical trial.” 


1. A good night’s sleep (47 per cent)

2. Honey and lemon (41 per cent) 

3. Medicine (39 per cent)

4. Hot bath (31 per cent) 

5. Chicken soup (22 per cent)

6. Feed a cold, starve a fever (21 per cent)

7. Facial steaming (15 per cent) 

8. A spicy meal (14 per cent)

9. Going to the gym to sweat it out (9 per cent)

10. Taking your clothes off to cool you down (8 per cent)   

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