Chiwetalu Agu: 'Poverty was part of me as a child' – Veteran actor speaks of struggles

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Chiwetalu Agu, a highly regarded actor is known for his comic and sometimes evil minded personality in acting but it has not always been glitz and glamour for him.

He talked about his tough experiences growing up as a child, which deprived him of the good things in life which includes women in an interview with Broadway TV. According to the veteran, he was penniless throughout his formative years, a factor that didn’t make him consider dating as he was not competent of nurturing a romance.

Agu who featured in "The Wedding Party 2" film featuring Adesua Etomi now enjoys the status of one of Nollywood's experienced

Agu who featured in “The Wedding Party 2” film featuring Adesua Etomi now enjoys the status of one of Nollywood’s experienced actors.



His lack of many ensured that he walked the distance in the case of an imminent trip. It was a time when his main focus was mainly about his survival as opposed to social pleasures.

“I grew from below the scratch; poverty was part of me when I was small and if you grew through poverty, you won’t have interest for the flashy things of life.

“You can only look the way of a woman and talk to a woman when there is something in your pocket but the pocket was always dry that you trekked whenever you wanted to go.

“What time would you have to look at a woman?,” he said in the chat.

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Many years after, the actor became a father – an excited one who is proud of the academic achievement of his children who are five in number. He is quite devoted to his career as a popular movie star and won’t trade it for another profession.

This was apparent in his comments about joining the political circle. The actor who began an acting career in the year 1981 thinks some of his colleagues who are nurturing an ambition as a politician should be giving an opportunity.

Chiwetalu Agu, playing a funny role in a movie Chiwetalu Agu, playing a funny role in a movie scene. (Press)


Chiwetalu Agu’s exploits in entertainment saw him feature in movies such as “Things Fall Apart” (1986), “Across the Niger” (2008) and more recently “The Wedding Party 2” (2017).

The latter stars Patience Ozokwor, Richard Mofe-Damijo, Adesuwa Etomi and others.

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