‘Celebrity Big Brother’s 3rd Live Eviction: Did Shannon Or James Get Sent Home?

Posted on Feb 17 2018 - 3:17pm by admin

The house guests on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ are dropping as quickly as they are turning on each other. Find out who was sent packing in the most recent eviction!

Shannon Elizabeth was evicted from Celebrity Big Brother during the live eviction on Friday, February 16. The eviction went down after Head Of Household Ariadna Gutierrez put both James Maslow and Shannon up for eviction. However, James won the veto and saved himself (more on that below), which left Ariadna to put Mark McGrath up as a space filler.

The veto competition was “Chez Noir” which is a pitch black and totally disgusting obstacle course. Each contestant had to go through the obstacle course and obviously whoever had the best time won the veto. The highlight of this competition was definitely Omarosa losing her shoes, socks and pants in the honey pool! Hilarious! Anyway, James eventually won the veto and immediately decided to save himself. Shocker? Not at all. Smart move, James!

Here’s what else happened on the episode: the celebrities were surprised with messages from home! Everyone still in the house at this point has been in there for 17 days without any contact with their loved ones, so this was a real treat for everyone. It was a massive tear jerker for everyone, even Brandi whose message came from her friend and Real Housewives ringmaster, Andy Cohen! However it was Ariadna’s dad who brought the most tears and even brought all of the remaining house guests in for one big hug. Last but certainly not least, it’s worth mentioning that there are four people running the house now: Ross Mathews, Brandi Glanville, Marissa Jaret Winokur and Ariadna. Hopefully they don’t start turning on each other as quickly as they did everyone else.

Oh, and of course we had another episode of Omarosa’s White House Diaries. This episode’s target? Sean Spicer, the former White House press secretary. Although Omarosa had nothing but nice things to say about him and his family on a personal level, she was not-so-nice when it came to his professional skills. Omarosa claims that she was constantly teaching Sean how to properly pronounce words behind the scenes! How awkward. Also, Brandi flat-out asked Omarosa if she had ever slept with Donald Trump! Omarosa’s answer was a very strong no, and Brandi explained that she was only asking because during her time on Celebrity Apprentice she heard rumors that previous women on the show had done the deed. Gross!

For those of you wondering who voted for who, here you go: Ross, Marissa, Omarosa, James and Metta World Peace all voted to evict Shannon. Brandi voted to evict Mark. We’ll be back on Sunday, February 18 to find out who won the latest Head of Household contest!

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