‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Recap: The Final 5 Relive The Greatest Moments Inside The House

Posted on Feb 26 2018 - 10:10am by admin

After the double elimination, the final five ‘celebrities’ reminisced about everything they’ve gone through thus far. Omarosa also dished on Donald Trump! 

Marissa escaped BOTH eliminations during Friday’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother, which means Omarosa quickly became the biggest threat of the house, going into the finale. However, she felt Ross Matthews and Marissa were now the house’s biggest targets during the Feb. 24 episode. So she and Ariadna teamed up and expressed how they hope Ariadna wins HOH, while Marissa and Ross said they hoped for one of them to win HOH, so they’d go all the way to the finale.

But this week’s episode didn’t really push forward the competition. Instead, it gave the final five an opportunity to look back at everything that has happened in the house. From funny stories about peculiar jobs each of the “celebrities” had before becoming famous (Marissa worked in a strip joint in NYC) to all the back stabbing that has gone down over the past few weeks. For instance, Omarosa pointed out how she and Shannon Elizabeth had planned on being the final two at the end of the competition. But within just a few hours of their conversation, Shannon quickly turned on Omarosa and tried voting her out. And with flashback scenes, we saw it all play out.

The group also talked about what they’ll miss the most when the game comes to an end. Specifically, they all said they’d miss the diary room, where they filmed their individual interviews. And because of that, viewers were gifted with hilarious outtakes showing each cast members making particular requests, including “more alcohol”, a beard trimmer for James Maslow, and “sweet potatoes”.

We also got to see just how much James and Brandi Glanville hated each other before they were both sent home last night. Apparently, they disliked each other from the very start — she found him to be annoying and he called her a “horrible person”. To be honest, she treated James like crap, so we can understand why he retaliated in the ways that he did, like drinking all of her white wine from the fridge.

And when Mark asked Omarosa which has been crazier — the Big Brother house or the White House — Omarosa said the White House. And then she revealed she’d one day be writing a “tell all” about her experience there, even if Donald Trump comes after her, legally. She even said Trump often posts bizarre tweets in order to distract the media, so he can then do controversial things behind the scenes. Wow — we can’t wait to read that book! Furthermore, we’re also looking forward to the big Celebrity Big Brother finale tomorrow night, Feb. 25.

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