‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Recap: Shannon Loses HOH & The First Eviction Noms Are Revealed

Posted on Feb 9 2018 - 9:52pm by admin

The game has officially begun on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, so find out who was put for the first eviction while Omarosa was crying about her time in the White House.

We immediately learn that the Celebrity Big Brother gift bag twist allows one of the house guests to recast Head of Household (aka Shannon Elizabeth who won the first challenge). The catch is that whoever wants to open their bag can only do so on eviction night — and it can only be one house guest who opens the bag. If more than one house guest wants to open their bag, a name will be drawn out of a hat to decide who gets the honor. The only good thing (for Shannon) is that no matter who the recast falls on, the current Head of Household is safe from being put up for eviction.

Shannon and Marissa Jaret Winokur immediately come up with a plan for all of the women to volunteer to open their bags. This puts all of the women in the drawing, giving them higher odds of controlling how the first eviction goes no matter what. Oh, and guess what? James Maslow comes up with the exact same plan for the dudes. It’s going to be interesting to see how this goes down when both alliances realize what’s happening!

So, here’s what happens. When it’s time to open the bags, Chuck Liddell breaks all of the rules and goes in to ask to open his gift bag. Because of Chuck’s defiance, all of the women follow suit to ask to open their gift bags, too, which was the plan all along. Originally Shannon wanted to put Mark McGrath and Metta World Peace up on the block, but now that Chuck decided to go rogue he’s likely going to be put up for eviction. It’s Keshia Knight Pulliam who gets to open her gift bag and she is lucky enough to get the recast. Shannon is safe, but the guys aren’t — because Keshia is staying true to her alliance — so it’s James and Chuck who are put on the block.

While all of this Head of Household/eviction/gift bag drama was going down, Omarosa opened up to Shannon about her time working in the White House. “I was so loyal to a person and I didn’t realize that by being loyal to him I was going to lose 100 other friends,” she shared during their one-on-one time. “So I’m there fighting, fighting fighting — getting my head bashed in.” When Keshia, a former star of The Cosby Show, joined the conversation, the two women immediately butt heads when Omarosa tries to compare Donald Trump to Bill Cosby. So awkward.

Later, Omarosa also opens up to Ross about her time in the White House and reveals she was “haunted” by his daily tweets. When asked if she would ever vote for him again Omarosa told Ross: “never in a million years”. Here’s to hoping she’s being sincere and not just using this controversial topic as a means of winning the game.

Now for some things we learned about the house guests during this episode: Ross Mathews is cross-aligned with both the males and the females, but he’s really just being a spy for the women. James and Chuck have been friends for years outside of the house, and they managed to keep that a secret while agreeing to be a 2-man super alliance called the #Celebrators. Yes, that’s really their alliance name. Shannon is immediately threatened by anyone who sees her as a threat — like Mark and James who both decided to tell her that while she was HOH. Metta went straight to Shannon to ask her to put him up for eviction because he misses his family. She agrees, but isn’t interested in sending him home just yet — and when he isn’t put up he declares war on the women. Lastly, pretty much everyone seems to hate James except for Chuck. Like, everyone.

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