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Cameroon: ‘It’s a Wonderful, Beautiful Project’

Cameroon: 'It's a Wonderful, Beautiful Project'

Joseph Dion Ngute, Prime Minister, Head of Government.

“In 2016, the Head of State, President Paul Biya did say that we are going to attain the status of an emerging nation by the year 2035. What we have seen here just as what we saw in the different stadiums visited, attest to the fact that Cameroon is eventually realizing the Head of State’s dream of getting to the status of an emerging nation. This is thanks to his public policy that he has put in place and that we the government are realizing. It is also thanks to the vitality of our economy and attractiveness of our economy and the quality of human resources we have in Cameroon. Here we have somebody, Cameroonians who have conceived a project and brought in international partners to realize it. It is a wonderful, beautiful project. We urge Cameroonian to do the same.”

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