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Cameroon: Developing Douala I – Council Votes Budget of Hope

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The 2021 budget will go a long to better the lives of the population of the municipality.

Councilors of the Douala I municipality on Friday December 18 voted the 2020/2021 budget which has been dedicated to the amelioration of basic services, protection of the environment, promotion of culture and a lot more. The session also gave the councilors an opportunity to evaluate the 2019/2020 budget and to map out a way forward for 2021.

During the session, councilors also agreed to work harder so as to catch-up with projects that were not realised as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic.

After the presentation of the reports from the different committees, it was clear that the councilors are determined more than ever to take the Douala I municipality to another level in terms of development. It also came to the limelight that projects for 2020 were realised at 44%. Councilors voted the sum of over two billion eight hundred million as budget for 2021.

According to the Mayor of the Douala I council, Lengue Malapa, the year just past has been a difficult one as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. He said they were unable to realise some of the projects that were earmarked for the year. He added that for 2021, they will focus on projects like water, health, and education which are priority. Lengue Malapa appealed to all the councilors, staff of the Douala I council as well as the population to put hands on deck for the successful realization of the budget.

On his part, the SDO for Wouri Mboutou Benjamin said the budget was realistic and hoped that all projects earmarked will be realised. He congratulated the councilors for the projects realised despite the pandemic. He promised to lend a helping hand when ever need be.

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