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Cameroon: Agric. Production – Ngomedzap Showcases Potentials

Cameroon: Agric. Production - Ngomedzap Showcases Potentials

The opportunity has been given to farmers to sell to the world what they have through the locality’s agro-pastoral forum which kicked off December 16, 2020.

Talk of cocoa, banana, cassava, plantains, yams, groundnuts or better still pigs, goats, snails, fowls and Ngomedzap will answer present. This subdivision in the Nyong and So’o division of the Centre region is host to several agricultural products but has not concretely had the opportunity to showcase them. Thanks to the one-week Ngomedzap Agro-pastoral Forum which opened December 16, 2020, these values will be pictured across the country and beyond. The promoter of the forum, Minister Grégoire Owona in the capacity of representative of a community development association known as “AGORA, in his speech at the start of the forum, underlined that it is an opportunity for farmers not only to come together, but a platform for them to gain skills that will help boost production.

Several exhibition stands were mounted at the forum ground giving farmers the opportunity to showcase their know-how. In one of the agricultural stands, a hip of huge tubers of cassava arranged in the form of a pyramid could be spotted. In another one, healthy bunches of bananas and plantains were on the spotlight. Other stands played host to agricultural products like cocoa, pepper, pumpkins amongst others. These products, farmers tell us, have gone a long way to boost their standards of living given that the soil of Ngomedzap is fertile. Cecile Atangana, a farmer revealed that she is capable of producing 2,000 bunches of plantains per year. She says that she sells them at a very affordable price and is able to maximise profits.

In the livestock and fisheries sector, exhibition stands containing healthy pigs, goats, fish, snails amongst others were showcased. Some of these breeders, before the forum, were trained on rearing techniques. The Minister of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries, Dr Dr Taïga present at the opening ceremony urged these breeders to follow the trainings given to them to boost quality production. It was in this vein that incentives were distributed to breeders at the forum.

Farmers of Ngomedzap therefore have up to December 21, 2020 to showcase their products, create contacts and build their capacities.

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