Brussels splash out €200,000 on BAR EXTENSION to make up for MEPs' cosy lounge refurb

Posted on Dec 18 2017 - 5:16pm by admin

The European Parliament approved plans in April for the new 80-seat bar in Strasbourg, which replaced a library. 

The booze lounge was revamped in order to “ensure high quality” and “functional service” to Members’ parliamentary work, according to reports.

Receiving a note on members intranet system, MEPs were informed: “To better accommodate Members’ needs and to adapt and modernise existing infrastructures, a refurbishing project of the Members’ restaurant and lounge in Brussels will start next year.

“To ensure high quality and functional service to Members’ parliamentary work, the Members’ Bar next to the Hemicycle in Strasbourg has been extended with new facilities.”

The refurbishment works in the Altiero Spinelli building will begin in January and will last for six months, with another bar in the building – named after one of the founding fathers of the European Union – expected to remain open during the refurbishment.

UKIP MEP Jonathan Bullock said: “It’s amazing they are making this is a priority. We will of course make full use of the extended bar to celebrate Brexit when it finally comes.”

A spokeswomen for the European Parliament denied that an extension to a bar will take place.

The news of yet another Brussels vanity project comes as the bloc confirmed £155 million will be spent on a vast EU visitor centre dubbed the new “House of Europe”.

And earlier this year, European Parliament officials demanded millions to fund their lavish benefits.

MEPs had insisted £2million was needed to travel to and from Brussels and Strasbourg on a regular basis.

The spending demands, branded as a “gravy train farce”, are laid out to pay for hotel rooms and a “daily allowance” for meals and entertainment.

UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott, who sits on the European Parliament budget committee, said: “Shuttling from Brussels to Strasbourg and back is an unnecessary waste of money, energy and time.”

Documents revealed that Euro fatcats wanted an extra £1.2million to fund a fleet of chauffeur-driven vehicles used by MEPs, it was reported.

The document stated the European Parliament staff needed the money to travel to the Strasbourg headquarters, or else they would not be able to conduct political procedures.

The European Parliament costs taxpayers of member states around £175 million every year despite being used for only one week a month.

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