Brexit Party’s Ann Widdecombe vows to oust Europhile MPs – ‘Make them LEAVE Westminster!’

Posted on May 22 2019 - 12:54am by admin

The Brexit Party candidate lashed out at Remainers at a rally in London last night. Ms Widdecombe was cheered on by the crowd after she sent her message to Westminster. The former Conservative MP is standing to be an MEP in the South west.

Speaking at the rally, Ms Widdecombe said: “This is the message we sent to Westminster, they have a choice.

“Either they let Britain leave the EU, or we will make sure they leave Westminster!”

Her comments received a standing ovation from the crowd who cheered Ms Widdecombe while waving Brexit Party posters.

She added: “Thursday is not the end.

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“It is the beginning of getting true democracy back into this country.”

Earlier in the night, Ms Widdecombe took aim at Guy Verhofstadt as she warned colonies have a “disconcerting habit of revolting”.

Her comments come after Mr Verhofstadt’s aide jokingly used the term to speak derogatorily about the UK.

She said: “A gentleman called Guy Verhofstadt thinks we are a colony. Well I would say this to him, colonies have a rather disconcerting habit of revolting.

“And when they have revolted, and when they have regained their independence, they can also have a habit of outstripping their former masters.

“Just ask America.”

The comments were made in reference to Mr Verhofstadt’s aide referring to the UK as a “colony” in the fly on the wall ‘Brexit: Behind Closed Doors’ documentary.

Mr Verhofstadt’s aide jokingly told the camera: “We turned them into a trade colony, and that was our aim all along, under our terms and conditions.”

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