Brexit Party SURGE: Farage to SNATCH voters as third believe Tories are ANTI-BREXIT – poll

Posted on May 2 2019 - 12:58am by admin

This week the Tories will face the first of two elections next month, in what could be a disastrous set of polls for Britain’s current governing party. Local council elections will take place on Thursday with the Tories expected to lose up to a fifth of their councillors. Later in the month, Mr Farage looks set to win the EU Parliament election as over a 50 percent share of Tory voters intend to back his newly formed party.

The Tories predicted losses could be because almost a third of party voters feel the Conservatives have failed to establish themselves as a pro-Brexit party.

Just 29 percent of those who voted for Theresa May’s party in 2017 see the Tories as being pro-Brexit, with 31 percent seeing them as anti-Brexit, according to polling from YouGov of 1,730 people conducted from April 24-25.

A separate poll, also conducted by YouGov, found that half of Tory voters in the 2017 general election intent to vote for Mr Farage’s Brexit Party in the EU elections.

The poll surveyed 5,412 people from April 23-26 and surveyed their European Parliament voting intention.

It showed that just 27 percent of Tory voters intend to vote for the Conservatives in the European poll, with Mr Farage predicted to take a huge 53 percent of the Tory vote.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party are not set to have such damaging losses, with the poll revealing Labour are set to hold on to just over half of their 2017 support.

Some 52 percent of 2017 Labour voters said they would back the party in the upcoming EU vote.

Mr Corbyn may not be too disheartened however, as his party still holds on to second place position with a 22 percent share, trailing the Brexit Party by six points, who are in top at 28 percent.

The Conservatives come in third with 13 percent.

Remainers Change UK are tied with the Green Party on 10 points, followed by the Lib Dems and Ukip who are on seven and five percent respectively.

In this Thursday’s local elections, which Nigel Farage’s party are not standing in, Theresa May’s Tories are predicted to win only 24 percent of the vote, 12 points behind Labour.

This would mean the Conservatives would lose more than 500 councillors.

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