Brexit Party means ‘DEATH of Britain’s two-party system’ – Britain to become like SPAIN

Posted on May 2 2019 - 4:36am by admin

Mr Hague said the increased support for new political parties, such as the Brexit Party and the Change UK party, could send the Government into chaos and weaken moderate forces – causing an outcome similar to Spain’s Sunday general election. He said hardline groups may end up attracting more voters but will not necessarily provide a solution to Brexit, as MPs continue to lash out at Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal. Writing for a column in the Telegraph, he said: “This failure to overcome differences in the centre of politics tells us something else as well, further into the future. “It suggests that if and when a realignment of parties takes place in Britain, there is a strong prospect it will look more like Spain after Sunday’s general election than France after the election of Macron.

“Spaniards have been waking up to a new parliament with five national parties plus various nationalist and regional ones, in place of the two-party system of the last few decades.

“New parties have emerged on the Left and the Right, pulling the two old parties to more hardline positions, rather than a reformed or united centre providing a real alternative.”

Spain’s governing centre-left Socialists won the country’s election on Sunday, but far-right Vox made a breakthrough in the elections winning 24 seats – the first time a far-right party has done so in decades.

Mr Hague blasted British MPs for failing to overcome their differences within their parties, insisting this could be a driving force to steer support away rather than providing a solution to Brexit.

He continued: “Britain will not, of course, be exactly the same as that. Our voting system is different, and the far Left has taken power inside our Labour Party rather than from a rival.

“Nevertheless, the overall picture is clear: many voters are increasingly attracted to strident new forces rather than moderate ones, and a diminishing centre ground will not have space for several parties competing with each other.

“It is an irony that the political leaders who most earnestly call for parties to work together and a new consensus to be found are often as factional and divided as any.”

Mr Hague criticised new emerging political parties, insisting they are “weakening” the forces of the moderate ones while failing to provide an alternative.

He added: “Change UK leaders like Heidi Allen and Chuka Ummuna no doubt have good intentions.

“But if they carry on like this, weakening the moderate forces within the two big parties while failing to provide a united alternative, the only change they produce will be in the opposite direction to the one they intended.”

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