Brexit LIVE: Piers Morgan and Gary Lineker clash as GMB host says no deal is ‘ONLY’ option

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The pair exchanged furious insults after Mr Morgan called for Brexiteers to “take charge and deliver” Brexit in a bid to break the impasse. But Remainer Mr Linekar, who has long called for a second Brexit referendum, hit back saying he would enjoy seeing Brexiteers “bickering amongst themselves about which version of Brexit they believe will best work”.

As the Match of the Day presenter argued a no deal Brexit would be “massively damaging” to the UK economy, Mr Morgan mocked him saying “we all know YOU are the leading British economic & political expert Jugs”. 

He tweeted: “No Deal is now the only logical way to Brexit, given EU refusal to budge.

“It might be the disaster some predict, but they’re many of the same people (Blair, Campbell, Heseltine, Clarke etc) who said if we didn’t enter the Euro it would be also be disaster. And it wasn’t.” 

Under the terms of the deal struck by Theresa May and the EU to delay Brexit until October 31, Brussels bosses have said the Withdrawal Agreement cannot be renegotiated.

Meanwhile, Tory leadership rivals have stepped up their campaigns to replace Mrs May after she announced her departure from Number 10 last week.

And Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn has said an election or referendum is now the “only way out” of the Brexit crisis following mounting pressure to back a public vote.

Mr Corbyn said that going “back to the people” was now the only option when faced with the prospect of a no-deal Brexit and an incoming Tory prime minister “with no mandate”.


brexit latest

Brexit latest: Piers Morgan and Gary Linekar have engaged in an extraordinary clash over Brexit (Image: GETTY )

1.01pm update: We will not be Trump’s America – Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn said the country should not head in the same direction as America led by President Donald Trump 

12.52pm update: Labour will do EVERYTHING to stop no deal Brexit 

Labour leader Jremy Corbyn said there is a danger of a no-deal Brexit and his party  will do everything it can to stop that from happening.

He said: “I think there is a real danger of that with the prime minister’s announced resignation and departure from office and the agenda of most of the candidates for the (Conservative) party leadership.

“We will do absolutely everything we can in parliament to prevent a no-deal exit from the EU.”

12.32pm update: Germany to veto Article 50 extension 

James Rothwell, Daily Telegraph Brexitand Europe correspondent, tweeted: “i’m told Germany will veto an extension to Article 50 at the next EU summit in October unless the UK makes major progress, such as announcing a general election or a second referendum.” 

11.48am update: Piers Morgan and Gary Linekar in extraordinary Twitter spat over Brexit 

Piers Morgan tweeted: “The only way to resolve this Brexit impasse is to let the Brexiters take charge & deliver the Brexit they believe will best work.

“Then judge them on whether it works or not. If it does, hurrah. If it doesn’t, a new government can change course again.”

To which Gary Linekar replied, saying: “Don’t necessarily disagree with this, and it would be mildly amusing to see them bickering amongst each other about which version of Brexit they believe will best work.”

But Piers hit back writing: “No Deal is now the only logical way to Brexit, given EU refusal to budge.

“It might be the disaster some predict, but they’re many of the same people (Blair, Campbell, Heseltine, Clarke etc) who said if we didn’t enter the Euro it would be also be disaster. And it wasn’t.”

Gary tweeted back, mocking: “Well, even the government forecasts and pretty much every economist and expert feels it would be massively damaging, but you know best.” 

To which, Piers didn’t hold back when he said: “No no, we all know YOU are the leading British economic & political expert Jugs.. which makes it all the more baffling why voters never seem to take your advice.”

11.31pm update: Barnier lists ‘typically British reasons’ for Brexit 

Michel Barnier has outlined why he believes Britons backed Brexit in a scathing rant where he claimed Brexiteers were “living in the past”.

The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator said Leave voters hoped the UK’s departure from the Brussels bloc would see the “return to a powerful global Britain” as he blamed “typically British” reasons for their decision.

He also accused eurosceptics in the UK of “preferring to live in the past” and attacked City business leaders who “simply don’t want to accept rules”.

10.47am update: Tony Blair’s wife did NOT vote Labour in EU elections 

Tony Blair’s wife, Cherie Blair, did not vote for Labour in the European elections, despite being a party member.

Mrs Blair’s alleged vote for the Liberal Democrats broke on Twitter, with Shehab Khan, a political reporter for ITV News, writing: “NEW: Sources close to Cherie Blair, wife of former Prime Minister Tony Blair, tell me she voted for the Liberal Democrats at the European elections and not Labour.

“She is currently a Labour Party member.”

brexit latest

Brexit latest: Piers Morgan and Gary Linekar have clashed over Brexit (Image: TWITTER )

10.12am update: Remainers at shadowy Switzerland event 

Arch-Remainer Andrew Adonis, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney and Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary are among those attending the shady and secretive Bilderberg Meeting in Switzerland today – with Brexit featuring prominently on the agenda.

The three-day event, which is held annually with the stated aim of “fostering warmer relations between the United States and Europe”, takes place in Montreaux.

Other attendees include President Donald Trump’s senior advisor (and son-in-law) Jared Kushner, French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, and former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

Mr Kushner, who will head for London after the conclusion of the event for Mr Trump’s state visit to London, is also believed to be a speaker.

9.36am update: Britain would THRIVE in no deal Brexit and be £39bn RICHER – Jacob Rees-Mogg 

The Tory Brexiteer said Britain would thrive if we left the European Union without a deal – and would be £39billion richer

Mr Rees-Mogg, who supports no deal Brexit, said the European Parliamentary results show Britons are frustrated the UK is still in the bloc and they want to leave it “no later” than October 31.

He also claimed voters “never really believed” Theresa May’s message that no deal is better than a bad deal. Instead, Mr Rees-Mogg suggests voters have embraced the idea of a no deal Brexit.

The Tory MP for North East Somerset said Britain could be £39billion richer if it left the EU without a deal.

He said: “Fortunately, there is no legal obligation, as set out in the House of Lords report, to pay the EU any money at all if we leave without a deal.

“That means we have £39billion to spend on our priorities rather than squandering it on the EU’s wasteful and consistently unaudited budget.”

9.04am update: Race for next PM down to TWO clear contenders – ‘ONLY they can do it’

The Tory party is heading for a huge race for party leader with two clear candidates tipped to take the lead in the race to be the next Prime Minister.

Speaking to The Sun, the minister said: “The first thing the new PM will have to do is ask for an extension.

“Only Boris or Gove could carry that off.

“Everyone now believes it will be Boris against Michael – the contest really that we should have had 3 years ago.

“It’s like time has stood still.”

READ MORE: When will Tories vote on next Prime Minister?

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Brexit latest: Boris Johnson is a Tory leadership frontrunner (Image: GETTY )

8.41am upate: Chancellor Hammond says he is ‘divisive’ figure 

Philip Hammond said he is a “divisive” figure and will not take part in the Conservative leadership race if his views on Brexit are “properly represented” by another candidate.

Asked whether he would rule out joining the race to succeed Theresa May, Mr Hammond said: “My position is this: I have a very clear view about these things and I want to make sure my view is represented in this contest.

“Because my views are quite well known and have been expressed in quite uncompromising terms over a long period of time, I am, perhaps, quite a divisive figure. I would rather that the view I represent is presented in this contest by someone with, perhaps, a fresher face.

“As long as I feel the views I hold are properly represented, I won’t feel the need to take part.”

8.19am update: Hammond ‘I will not serve in no deal cabinet’

Chancellor Philip Hammond has said he could not serve in a no-deal Brexit cabinet.

He told Sky News: “I couldn’t support a government policy stance that said as a matter of choice we are going to pursue a no-deal exit.”

Ahead of a speech on Thursday, where he will warn Tory leadership hopefuls against “reckless” solutions offered by “populists,” Mr Hammond also did not rule out voting against a Conservative government in an attempt to block no deal.

He said: “The national interest trumps party interest.

“If I am presented with a difficult choice, I will act with what I believe will be the best interests of the country.”

brexit latest

Brexit latest: Hammond said he would not support a no deal Cabinet (Image: REUTERS )

8.12am update: Corbyn pledges to stop ‘no-deal zealot’ becoming PM 

The Labour leader said the Tory leadership contest – and the prospect of a “no-deal zealot” becoming prime minister – meant the issue had to go to the public.

And in a sign that he would be prepared to work with Tory moderates to prevent a no-deal Brexit, possibly by tabling a confidence motion to bring down the Government, Mr Corbyn said he would do “whatever is necessary”.

He said: “Labour will work with anyone across party boundaries and do whatever is necessary to stop a disastrous no-deal outcome, which would open the way for a frenzy of deregulation and a race to the bottom in jobs, rights and protections.

“But faced with the threat of no deal and a prime minister with no mandate, the only way out of the Brexit crisis ripping our country apart is now to go back to the people.

“Let the people decide the country’s future, either in a general election or through a public vote on any deal agreed by parliament.

“For Labour any outcome has to work for our whole country, not just one side of this deliberately inflamed divide.”

Asked if it would not be another “in-out” referendum, Mr Corbyn said: “It would be on the basis of whatever we have succeeded in negotiating.”

7.54am update: Brexit supporters don’t want to accept rules’

The EU’s Brexit negotiatior said: “Looking at the causes of Brexit, we also find typically British reasons: the hope for a return to a powerful global Britain, nostalgia for the past—nostalgia serves no purpose in politics.

“There were, also, people voting for Brexit who simply don’t want to accept rules.

“Some based in the City of London voted to leave, as they don’t want to accept the Union’s regulations on their trading; they want to speculate freely and the Union doesn’t allow them to do so.” 

7.47am update: 

The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator also insisted that the Brussels bloc has “delivered what the UK wants”. He told New York Review of Books: “If the UK wants to leave in an orderly manner, this treaty is the only option.“If the choice is to leave without a deal – fine. If the choice is to stay in the EU – also fine. But if the choice is still to leave the EU in an orderly manner, this treaty is the only option. This is all that our legal constraints allow.”

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